If This Is Sydney Sweeney’s Natural Hair Texture, I Give Up Right Now

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As someone with naturally wavy hair, I never really know how my hair is going to look after I wash it. I can do the exact same routine from start to finish with the exact same products and it can still look completely different once it's dry. It's a work in progress … 30+ years in progress, to be exact. But if this is Sydney Sweeney's natural hair texture, I think I may just have to give up my quest for perfect waves entirely. She's already won.

The Anyone But You actor recently shared a few pics of herself hanging out in nature — literally hanging out, as she's dangling from a tree branch. Her tree-climbing skills are enviable, to be sure, but I can't stop staring at her hair. The entire vibe is very casual, despite the fact that she's wearing a designer sweater and purse to climb a tree, and her hair certainly looks like she just washed it and let it air dry in the sun, resulting in effortless, yet beautifully defined waves. The smudge root, bright blonde ends, and done-but-not done texture makes the entire style look perfectly lived-in. Her minimal makeup and rosy, just-spent-the-day-on-the-beach cheeks only add to the carefree mood. Is it summer yet?

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is a notable change for the star. Sweeney typically wears her hair straight or styled in loose, blown-out bombshell waves, not a beachier style like this. That said, we have seen her experiment with extra-long mermaid waves and big ‘80s curls alike, so she does sometimes deviate from her hairstyling comfort zone. Of course, it doesn't really matter how Sweeney is wearing her hair, because she truly looks good in every single style and hair color she tries — she's just that cool and genetically blessed. But Sydney, if these are your natural waves, please let them out to play more!

Get dreamy waves like Sydney's:

Now, watch one of Sydney's go-to routines for sensitive skin:

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