blood pressure

  • 10 of the worst foods for high blood pressure: Deli meat, bread & more

    High blood pressure is a common condition in which the force of blood pushing against the body’s arteries is too high.

  • What is high blood pressure? An expert reveals why it's 'a silent killer'

    A new survey by the Heart & Stroke foundation found the increasing rates of high blood pressure in Canada to be a significant issue.

  • What is Cushing's disease? Experts warn of 'rare but serious' condition

    Experts explain what you need to know about Cushing's disease, a hormonal disorder that causes weight gain, depression and fatigue.

  • What is hypertension? The warning signs and symptoms of the 'silent killer'

    More than 7.2 million Canadians live with high blood pressure.

  • 17 Foods That Lower Cholesterol

    When it comes to the relationship between eggs and cholesterol, it seems like we've been served up some scrambled messages. Have you ever thought you could reduce your high cholesterol levels simply by not eating foods that contain cholesterol (like eggs)? Heck, even the Dietary Guidelines recommended against consuming more than 300 mg of dietary cholesterol a day up until the newly-revised 2015 version.

  • Spending 30 minutes outdoors could reduce your risk of depression and heart disease

    Researchers from the University of Queensland found that city residents who spend at least 30 minutes outdoors each week had a reduced risk of depression and high blood pressure. “We’ve known for a long time that visiting parks is good for our health, but we are now beginning to establish exactly how much time we need to spend in parks to gain these benefits,” says researcher Richard Fuller. Given that 5.4% of Canadians suffer from some form of mood disorder or depression, and that metal illness in Canada costs the public health care system $51 billion each year, the use of green spaces could be a way to lighten the burden.