• Forget VPL, this blogger wants us to embrace our Visible Belly Outlines

    "Bellies are cute and worth showing off."

  • Instagrammer Posts 2 Bathing Suit Pictures to Show Numbers on the Scale Don’t Define Happiness

    Hannah Foster recently shared a photo collage on Instagram to prove a point about body image. Women often believe that losing weight is the key to being happy. One Instagrammer, Hannah Foster of Northern California, shared two bikini images of herself to illustrate that the number on the scale doesn’t always translate to a happier persona.

  • 8 foods to naturally boost your mood

    Put that chocolate away - here are some foods you should be munching away on to lift your spirits instead

  • Here's where to find Canada's happiest singles

    March 20 marked the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness. As part of the occasion, the UN released it’s annual happiness report — listing Canada in 7th place! The study has led to dating site, EliteSingles, churning out their own happiness report, based off data collected from Canadian singles. The anonymous survey collated information from 45,000 Canadian men and women registered with the dating site.

  • There’s a Scientific Way to Leave Work Frustrations at the Office

    If you leave the office in a foul mood, a stop at the gym may tame your temper — and save your relationship.

  • Husband plants thousands of flowers for blind wife to smell

    Mr and Mrs Kuroki worked and lived on their dairy in the Shintomi town of Japan for more than 30 years. If you’re going to Japan any time soon, you can visit their garden too – check out their website here.

  • Is This the Secret to Banishing Winter Blues? 

    Much has been made, as of late, of the Danish philosophy of hygge. What you need to know: It's pronounced "hoo-ga" and is, in latent terms, an aesthetic and emotional celebration of all things cozy and convivial. And a new tome, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, out Tuesday, instructs on how to use the practice to cure the ailments of the modern world. Did we mention that, according to studies, Danes are meant to be among the happiest people on earth? Perhaps st

  • Anxiety is a very real health issue - so why isn’t it taken seriously?

    When Zayn Malik pulled out of a longstanding appearance at the Summertime Ball, people assumed it was because he didn’t fancy performing at the same event as his ex, Little Mix’s, Perrie Edwards. Zayn isn’t the only high profile celebrity to discuss his ongoing battle with anxiety.

  • Facebook Can Make You As Happy As Having A Baby Or Getting Married, Apparently

    According to a new study by Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook, interacting with people on the social media site could make you as happy as getting married or having a baby. Researchers monitored how 1,910 Facebook used used the site for three months, such as how much they commented, liked photos, and posted statuses. In other words, passively Facebook stalking and giving yourself FOMO won’t do you any good.

  • 7 Rituals Happy People Do Every Single Day

    Positive change is even more profound and more permanent when those habits become rituals.

  • Mum’s Before And After Pictures Prove That Weight Loss Isn’t The Key To Happiness

    [Photo: Instagram/Alison Kimmey] When we read blog posts about fitness and happiness, the focus is usually on losing weight. Even in posts about self love and body positivity, there’s still often the suggestion that we’d be better off a few pounds lighter. And while losing weight is a good and necessary move for many, the pressure to look or weigh a certain way can be exhausting and damaging. This is why health coach Allison Kimmey recently decided to turn this idea on its head in a recent Instagram post.

  • Could An App Make Your Children Happier? Headspace Launches Meditation App For Children

    Could a meditation app make your children happier? The Headspace meditation app, which was launched in 2010, currently has more than 7 million users and counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson amongst its celebrity fans. Headspace For Kids aims to encourage children to feel “calm and focused” through a series of short meditation exercises.

  • Couples That Gain Weight Together Stay Together

    Forget sharing endless coupled-up selfies on Facebook, science says the best indicator of how happy you are in your relationship, is how much weight you’ve gained together. According to Your Tango, Research on the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that couples who report satisfaction in their marriage tend to gain weight. Over a period of four years, researchers followed 169 couples on their first marriage, measuring their weight twice a year and tracking their overall satisfaction within their marriage and general life.

  • I Used Science To Get Happy, And Here’s What Happened

    Forty-five days changed my life.

  • Do smart people need fewer friends?

    New research published in the British Journal of Psychology says smart people are happier when they spend less time with their friends. According to the theory, also known as the “savanna theory of happiness,” people are more content when they live like our ancestors did - in less populated areas and frequently interacting with their peers. Lead authors of the study, Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li from the Singapore Management University, theorize that people who live in more densely populated areas are less satisfied with their life.

  • The Secret to Raising a Happy Kid

    We all want to give our kids the best of everything—but there is a fine line between enjoying activities and being overwhelmed. RELATED: 5 Ways to Raise a Kid Who Speaks Up When my son was little it seemed like each new stage he reached meant more activities and groups to participate in.