• Gwyneth Paltrow on ditching her diet to indulge in 'wine and pasta and dairy': 'I had never been happier'

    Gwyneth Paltrow shared that she didn't follow her strict diet while on vacation in Italy, but now follows a Paleo diet.

  • Tourist's 19th-Century Statue Photo-Op Goes Horribly Wrong

    “It was irresponsible behavior on my part," the man admitted of the incident, which was caught on a surveillance camera at a museum in Italy.

  • Mom heartbroken over daughter's 'devastating' wedding move: 'She won't budge'

    My daughter is planning on having her wedding in Lake Como, Italy, on August 3. Although it seems she is very preoccupied with herself at the moment — which, to be fair, most of us would be when trying to salvage a likely expensive destination wedding amid global pestilence — you need to think about yourself here and skip the event.

  • Coronavirus identified in air pollution particles — but that doesn't mean it spreads that way

    A study from Italy found a gene specific to the coronavirus in air pollution particles. But experts say it's no reason to panic.

  • I'm A Canadian Quarantined In Italy. My Message: Self-Isolate Now.

    Minimizing unnecessary contact with others can be an act of care and compassion.

  • He's 'Hoff' the market! David Hasselhoff gets married for the third time

    The "Baywatch" and "Night Rider" alum, 66, married his longtime girlfriend Hayley Roberts, 37, in Puglia, Italy, on July 31.

  • Julia Roberts has 'Pretty Woman' fashion moment during rare public appearance

    At the start of New York Fashion Week, Julia Roberts attended a fashion show ... but this one happened to be in Verona, Italy.

  • Beach resort accused of homophobia after gay couple told not to hug in front of kids

    A beach resort in Italy is under fire after reportedly warning a young gay couple not to hug in front of children in the pool area.

  • 7 foods you’re eating that are probably fake

    ]If you enjoy a well-marbled slab of Kobe beef or regularly get take out from your local sushi place, we have bad news. According to Larry Olmsted, plenty of the food we eat daily is either fake or manipulated – and the issue is prevalent across our food sources, from restaurants to grocery stores. In his new book “Real Food Fake Food,” Olmsted exposes numerous counterfeit foods we’ve been eating, from beef to olive oil and sushi. Click through the gallery above to find out more and let us know what you think by tweeting us @YahooStyleCA

  • 5 refreshing spring cocktails that are sure to bring the party

    Summer is just around the corner and that means patio season is upon us! There’s nothing better than relaxing under the sun sipping on a summer cocktail (or two!) I’ve rounded up 5 delicious drinks to get your happy hour started. This refreshing drink is made with Canadian Ungava gin, and a homemade simple citrus syrup that is sure to impress your guests. A Moscow Mule is one of my favourite drinks out there.

  • 5 nonna-approved tips for the best ravioli

    Fresh ricotta cheese is used in this recipe and, I think we can all agree, is one of the best things out there. You want the pasta to be thin enough so that it cooks well, but sturdy so that it can keep its perfect shape.

  • Santa Maria Novella: Inside the World’s Longest-Standing Apothecary

    While a saunter through Sephora or Space NK does feel like a spiritual experience for many of us, these beauty shops don’t compare to Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, a 600-year-old Florentine pharmacy founded by talented Dominican monks. The beauty mecca is set up next to the monk’s monastery, and prides itself on using many of the same techniques and recipes developed hundreds of years ago.

  • Diane Kruger Slays 4 Looks in 2 Days at Venice Film Festival

    Diane Kruger transforms from edgy to glam at the Venice Film Festival (Photo: Getty Images) The Venice Film Festival only kicked off on Wednesday, but I’ve already crowned Diane Kruger the beauty winner of the week. Somehow the star, who is serving on the festival’s jury, looked impossibly chic right off the plane in Italy. She also looked radiant as she changed her look and outfit three times on Thursday — each style cooler and more glamorous than the next. While I’m definitely not #teamsweatpants when it comes to airline travel, everytime I deplane I feel bloated, sweaty, and tired.