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  • Mindy Kaling stuns in black dress in latest 'thirst trap' photo: 'Goddess vibes'

    The actress joked this would be her last photo from the weekend as she returns to posting about "cooking meatloaf or whatever."

  • Mindy Kaling dazzles in yellow gown at Oscars after party: 'Her best look yet'

    "This woman knows how to step out in style."

  • Mindy Kaling Says a 'Devastating' Moment as a TV Writer Made Her Self-Conscious About Her Body

    The writer and actress said that a lot of her work comes "from something really real" in her life

  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan on breaking stereotypes with Netflix's 'Never Have I Ever' season two

    Ramakrishnan is back and ready to tackle even more stereotypes with season two of "Never Have I Ever."

  • Mindy Kaling apologizes to Stephen Colbert for bra she was wearing when he walked in on her changing

    During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday, the host paused the show to apologize for an incident that happened between him and guest Mindy Kaling before the taping of the show. And after bantering back and forth about who was actually going to bring it up, Kaling gave us the naked truth. She said that she was backstage getting changed and was in just a pair of pants and her bra. And that’s when Colbert came in - to the room and the story. “And I don't usually do this. I usually wait til the guests are in the wings,” Colbert said. “But I thought I would just go, ‘hey have a great show.’ So I popped the door open. I knocked, but I did that knock and pop.” The pair have worked together over the years and are clearly pretty close. So perhaps that’s what made it all the more surprising that she was the one who was feeling regretful after the “knock and pop” happened. “I just thought the whole time like, ‘I wish I had worn a sexier bra.’ Because it was like, you know, he works hard,” Kaling said, gesturing toward Colbert, and getting a big laugh from the audience.

  • Mindy Kaling says this $17 face mask 'really works' for her oily skin

    "Sometimes I put glop on my face for beauty reasons. This one was cheapo and fun to mix and really worked."

  • Mindy Kaling, Daniel Wu, Margaret Cho, Daniel Dae Kim and more open up about the Asian American experience: 'This country has a lot to unpack'

    From George Takei to Jamie Chung to Jon M. Chu to Dave Bautista, celebrities and creators share personal stories of racism and how to move forward. "We're going to be louder than you, and you're going to realize that there's more of us than there are of you."

  • Daniel Dae Kim, Mindy Kaling and More Denounce Atlanta Area Mass Shooting: ‘Enough is Enough’

    Hollywood’s Asian/Pacific Islander community reacted in shock and horror by the news of a mass shooting at three Atlanta area massage parlors that have left at least 8 people dead, including 6 Asian women. A 21-year-old suspect is in custody and a motive has not yet been established. “The race of the person committing the crime matters less than the simple fact that if you act with hate in your heart, you are part of the problem. And to those with the power to help and yet sit idly by, your silence is complicity,” tweeted Daniel Dae Kim, who added the hashtag #StopAsianHate. “The targeting of our Asian brothers and sisters is sickening, but not surprising given the normalizing of anti-Asian hate speech in the past year. We have to #StopAsianHate, enough is enough!” echoed Mindy Kaling. Also Read: Why Covering Anti-Asian Attacks Is So Personal for These TV News Reporters (Video) “Feeling overwhelming grief at the senseless murder of 8 people in Atlanta. Still much we don’t know, but it’s clear to me that the shooter specifically targeted Asian women. Praying for the victims’ families, and for my Asian sisters. Action to follow,” added Simu Liu, the lead in Marvel’s upcoming “Shang Chi.” Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 3,800 incidents of violence, discrimination or other forms of harassment were reported to Stop AAPI Hate, a reporting center that tracks hate incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. There were a total of 1,691 incidents reported in California, representing nearly 45% of all reported incidents. And of those who reported incidents, 68% identified as women. “The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy – for the families of the victims first and foremost, but also for the AAPI community — which has been reeling from high levels of racial discrimination,” Stop AAPI Hate tweeted on Tuesday night. “Few details have been released, including whether or not the shootings were related or motivated by hate. But right now there is a great deal of fear and pain in the Asian American community that must be addressed.” Check out more responses from Hollywood’s Asian/Pacific Islander community below: Three days ago, the leader of the House GOP called it the “China Virus” again. Words have consequences, especially those from our leaders. Reporters: Ask politicians who trade in racism if they feel responsible or remorseful for violence committed in the wake of their words. — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) March 17, 2021 We’re going to use this rage. We know who and what to go after. We’re gonna take down every racist pillar in the hate-cult gun-worshipping far right basket of murderous a**wipes https://t.co/cc2I9BQrnv — Adele Lim (@adeleBlim) March 17, 2021 Oh my God. Help us. —> Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings: Asian Women Among 8 Dead | Time https://t.co/lHnf9l7qdT — o l i v i a (@oliviamunn) March 17, 2021 I’m tired of being ignored, silenced and feeling like I don’t belong in this country because I’m not as loud, as influential, as wealthy. Because I’m Asian. These women matter. Their voices and their lives matter. #NotYourAsianSidekick #StopAAPIHate pic.twitter.com/Rh6BURbl0n — Chantal Thuy (@Chantal_Thuy) March 17, 2021 Every day. Every day there is something we have to stand up against. I am so mad and tired. There will always be something for them to hate. They will always fear what is different. #stopaapihate #StopAsianHate — Parvesh Cheena🌹 (@Parvesh) March 17, 2021 This is sooo heartbreaking…praying for our world. To my Asian American family, please take time to grieve but know youre loved, seen and IMPORTANT. We have to keep standing up, speaking out, rallying together and fighting for change. We cannot lose hope!! ❤️#StopAsianHate #NOW https://t.co/Xm4ojbJALw — Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) March 17, 2021 Read original story Daniel Dae Kim, Mindy Kaling and More Denounce Atlanta Area Mass Shooting: ‘Enough is Enough’ At TheWrap

  • Mindy Kaling is bringing back clogs, and we're here for it: Shop five of our favourites

    Mindy Kaling has confirmed that there is still hope that neither coziness nor fashion needs to be compromised.

  • Marc Maron 'heartbroken and in complete shock' after sudden death of director girlfriend Lynn Shelton

    The 54-year-old director died Friday from a previously undisclosed blood disorder.

  • Mindy Kaling says Marvel's 'interested' in developing Pakistani-American superhero, Ms. Marvel

    Mindy Kaling says Marvel is interested in bringing Ms. Marvel to the screen

  • Priyanka Chopra and Mindy Kaling to produce a comedy inspired by her Indian wedding

    Priyanka Chopra Jonas opens up about diversity and inclusion tied to her partnership with SKINCLUSIONTM, a new campaign from Obagi.

  • Here's what Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, and the rest of the 'Ocean's 8' crew wore to their big premiere

    From Sarah Paulson's neon Prada to Cate Blanchett's slick suit, the 'Ocean's 8' stars brought their fashion A-game.

  • Mindy Kaling Was Brought to Tears by Ex-Boyfriend B.J. Novak's Supportive Message

    Despite their romantic history, Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are still amazing friends, trading oh-so-sweet sentiments on social media for all the world to see.

  • Mindy Kaling had a makeup-free mom's night out

    The new mom looks amazing as she enjoys a night out with pals.

  • The feminist symbolism connecting recent 'Time' covers is pretty powerful

    Time magazine’s latest cover, starring the female-first cast of A Wrinkle In Time, is evoking comparisons to last week’s issue, dedicated to “Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers,” both a homage to fearless women. The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Oprah, and Storm Reid (of 12 Years a Slave) and according to Time, producer Catherine Hand made the film 54 years after she, as a 10-year-old, penned a 1963 letter to Walt Disney, begging the movie man to remake her beloved childhood book. The plot entails a 13-year-old girl named Meg who, protected by three female guardian angels called “The Mrs.,” embarks on a multi-dimensional mission to rescue her scientist father.

  • Mindy Kaling Takes Her Baby Bump to Work in a Colorful Floral Dress

    Mindy Kaling and her baby bump were spotted filming a scene for the sixth and final season of The Mindy Project in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

  • What Mindy Kaling's Knockout TCA Look Does and Doesn't Say

    Mindy Kaling wore a curve-hugging black dress to TCA summer press tour. Yes, Mindy Kaling was at the Television Critics Association summer press tour to talk about being a mother — sort of. What she wore on the red carpet and onstage at TCA seems to be a kind of Roschach test: Some say she’s debuting her “baby bump” in it, while others note how form-fitting it is.