• 4 travel packing tips to protect your beauty bag

    How many times have you reached your travel destination only to unpack your checked-in luggage to find that your foundation has leaked, or the precious serum you spent $$$ on is now all over your clothes, or that the your favourite eye shadow or blush has completely shattered. Yup, I’ve been there, makeup and heart both shattered into a million pieces. Don’t rely on that “fragile” tag on your bag, here are four packing tips so you’ll never have to find another broken beauty product.

  • EXCLUSIVE: We talk backstage secrets with Selena Gomez (and how she deals with her critics)

    A photo posted by Official Revival Tour (@revivaltour) on May 10, 2016 at 11:40am PDT What do you do before you go on stage?

  • Ad for wearable translator has tourist trying to kiss girls in Japan

    “I’m going to try and kiss girls I’ve never met before by using this translation device, iLi,” he says in the video. While the concept of a translator that you can wear definitely sounds cool and probably pretty useful for things other than trying to score, the ad makes its intentions rather questionable.

  • 16 Trending Neighbourhoods That Every Keen Traveller Should Stay In This Year

    It’s one thing booking a holiday to a go-to destination but it’s another thing deciding where exactly you should stay, within said destination. Fortunately, the lovely people over at Airbnb have made our lives (and holiday decisions) a whole lot easier this year by naming 16 local gems that are predicted to be popular in 2016. And they’re all slightly off the beaten path, meaning you’ll be able to immerse yourself in more culture and community than you usually would and probably enjoy far better food, art and shopping, too. So, get ahead of the trend and book a getaway to one of these

  • This new app is like Tinder for travellers

    (photo: daringplanet/Instagram)

  • Amazing Photos Show One Man’s Quest To Travel The Same Journey His Grandparents Took Decades Ago

    Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. April 1979 & May 2015. Christian Carollo is a man on a mission. The American photographer is following the same journey that his grandparents took over 30 years ago and visiting all of the same places.