Canadian influencer Natalie Rose shares helpful travel body image tips: 'Love this!'

Natalie Rose is sharing body image tips to take with you on vacation.

The Canadian eating disorder therapist and influencer took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video from her European getaway, paired with an important message about gaining weight while travelling and body acceptance.

"Body Image Tips: Travel Edition," she titled her Instagram Reel, adding the following recommendations: "1. Avoid checking your appearance in every reflection. 2. Intentionally search for the beauty around you. 3. Eat regularly and respect your body's needs. 4. Stop comparing bodies — it's not a competition. 5. Do as many activities as you can!"

The Toronto-based psychotherapist paired her video with a candid caption revealing that amid her own struggle with an eating disorder, she felt particularly triggered by travelling because it was what caused her to initially start dieting.

"Travelling was a huge trigger for me, and I could never have imagined feeling so free outside of the comfort of my own little world. In fact, the first time I ever dieted was when I was 14 years old right after returning from a trip to Italy where I had gained some weight," she penned.

"I remember feeling so uncomfortable in my body on the trip, obsessively comparing my body to other girls’ and feeling so trapped and unhappy. I wish I could tell my younger self that it’s normal to gain weight on vacation, that I was beautiful as I was and that bodies come in all shapes and sizes," she continued.

"I wish I could have focused on the moments I missed and appreciated the value of myself and the experiences happening around me. I’ve since learned to do this through much practice, trial, and error. I hope you find these tips helpful," she concluded.

Rose's post was quickly met with applause for shedding light on an issue that "isn't talked about enough."

"Thank you for sharing! Very well said. I feel like this is something that isn't talked about enough," one person shared. "I get so much anxiety around trips because not only am I afraid to gain weight on vacation, but I'm also afraid of not looking my best while I'm there, so I'll spend weeks starving myself ahead of the trip. It makes it impossible for me to enjoy myself before, during and after the holiday, completely defeating the purpose of travelling, which is to relax and have a good time. So thanks for shining some light on this issue!"

"I love these tips! Traveling can be so tough. Thank you for sharing!" another echoed.

"Thank you! With a long, upcoming trip, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. This post helped a lot, and I will be saving it as a reminder," someone else commented.

"Absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing," added another.

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