'Talk about selfish': Shay Mitchell mom-shamed for leaving newborn to attend Drake's birthday

Shay Mitchell. Image via Getty Images.
Shay Mitchell. Image via Getty Images.

Shay Mitchell is already experiencing mom-shaming less than a week after announcing the birth of her first child.

On Thursday, the former “Pretty Little Liars” actress and boyfriend Matte Babel left their newborn daughter at home to attend Drake’s star-studded 33rd birthday party at Goya Studios in Hollywood. Mitchell shared a video to Instagram of herself dancing with Babel with the caption “Parents.”

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According to a source, “Shay looked absolutely amazing, definitely not like she had just given birth. She was dancing and living her best life, and her and Matte were having so much fun together.”

Mitchell and Babel. Image via Instagram.
Mitchell and Babel. Image via Instagram.

The 32-year-old Canadian star chronicled her pregnancy on her YouTube series, “Almost Ready.” Mitchell shared footage of her 33 hour labour and delivery on Oct. 22, but did not share the name of the newborn.

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While the exact date of birth is unknown, Mitchell’s appearance at Drake’s birthday has drawn criticism by many who feel as though it was “too soon” to leave her child.

“I see the joy of motherhood has truly helped her put her priorities in order,” one Daily Mail reader said of Mitchell’s appearance at the party.

“Talk about selfish,” another added. “There’s a little baby that needs you and you’ve left it at home so you can party. Why have a child then?”

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Some took to social media to speculate what would motivate Mitchell to attend.

“This screams some postpartum depression,” a user tweeted. “No need to go out so quickly unless you’ve got to keep an eye on your man or prove something. You know how much fluid is still leaking.”

Mitchell on September 10. Image via Getty Images.
Mitchell on September 10. Image via Getty Images.

Others defended Mitchell, noting that all moms deserve to get out of the house for some fun.

“Here come all the preaching amazing moms saying how their little darlings are two years old and they’ve never left their side,” one supporter wrote. “For all we know she could have been at the party to show her face for an hour and gone straight home.”

“As much as I probably wouldn't go on a night out quite that soon as I'd probably be knackered, I don't get why people on here care so much? The child will be sleeping, well fed and probably with its grandparent or someone close,” another chimed in. “They were probably only out an hour or so. It's no big deal and just because you don't like it doesn't mean she isn't allowed to do it.”

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