Tamera Mowry responds to her kids' hopes for another sibling, jokes 'her eggs and her body is done!'

Tamera Mowry weighs in on whether she will have a third baby. (Photo: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)
Tamera Mowry weighs in on whether she will have a third baby. (Photo: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)

Tamera Mowry’s children shouldn’t get their hopes up for another sibling.

The Sister, Sister actress, who shares kids Aden, 10, and Ariah, 7, with her husband Adam Housley, took to Instagram on Friday to share her feelings on having a third baby. In the video, which she titled “When the kids start asking me for another brother or sister,” the TV star lip synced the word “Whoa” while popping up all around her living room — to prove just how absurd the question was.

Mowry, 44, clarified her video in her Instagram caption, writing, “Unless we adopt! This momma, her eggs and her body is done! I’m still working off the pregnancy weight from Ariah.”

She asked her followers, “Any other mommas relate? Or had some fun surprises?”

Mowry’s followers could certainly relate. One wrote in the comments section, “My 3 daughters asked and prayed every morning and night for 4 years for another sibling. My husband and I were done and had no interest in having another…or so we thought... We just had our 4th daughter a month ago.”

Another added, “I just had my 3rd two months ago and they're already asking for another sibling. I am DONE done.”

The former host of The Real has opened up before about loving her family unit as it is. In December 2022, the You Should Sit Down For This author told People that the holidays are a particularly special time, explaining, "It's such a blessing — and I want to hold on to it as long as I possibly can, I'm praying that it will be like this in the future — but we literally love spending quality time together. Like my children love being with our family.”

In November 2021, she shared her best parenting tips with Good Morning America.

"I would just say, just take it one day at a time. Know that your best is good enough," Mowry said at the time. "There are gonna be days where you have it together and then there are going to be days where you fall apart and that's okay! It's a part of the journey. It's life."

The Twitches star stressed, "I always say, perfection doesn't exist. It just doesn't.”

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