Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Had the Funniest Reaction to Being Caught on Camera Swaying to Post Malone

Post Malone is posted up at the Super Bowl and performed an acoustic version of “America the Beautiful” ahead of the game. And while the camera mostly stayed on him, it briefly flashed to Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, who were seen swaying with their arms around each other before Lively spotted the camera, and they broke out laughing:

In addition to Lively, Swift was joined at the Super Bowl by Ice Spice, her mom Andrea Swift, her dad Scott Swift, her brother Austin Swift, and his girlfriend Sydney Ness.

Swift flew straight from her Eras Tour stop in Tokyo to get to the Super Bowl in time to watch Kelce play, and there’s reportedly a good chance he’ll be joining Swift once the tour picks back up in a couple days.

A source tells the Daily Mail that there’s a “great chance” of Kelce joining Swift for her February 16 show in Melbourne, while an expert who spoke to the Herald Sun said that if the Chiefs win, “Typically, you’ll see two to three days of hard-core partying. With this Super Bowl already in Vegas, the party is right there on their doorstop, so it’d be no surprise if the Chiefs party extremely hearty for at least two days.”

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