The Taylor Swift Drinking Game For The Super Bowl Party Of Your Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce - Patrick Smith / Getty Images

By the will of the Swifties, the Kansas City Chiefs beat out the Baltimore Ravens on January 28, despite being the third seed in the AFC division. They've snagged a spot in Super Bowl 58, which isn't only exciting if you're a 49ers or Chiefs fan — it's also good news if you're a Taylor Swift fan. Not only did the Chiefs previously defeat the 49ers in Super Bowl 54, but they also emerged victorious in 2023's Big Game, so there's a lot on the line.

Thanks to Swift's loyal fan base, her attendance at Chiefs games throughout the season has generated plenty of buzz and memorable moments. It's practically a guarantee that she'll be in the stands supporting the Chiefs on February 11, so what could be more fun than a Taylor Swift Super Bowl drinking game? Several things might be in store for Swiftie viewers to drink to, from Swift cheering in the stands to her bringing along celebrity friends to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, scoring a touchdown.

After the AFC championship game, fans were happy to see Swift and Kelce down on the field celebrating together. If the team again reigns victorious, fans might expect to see Swift at the 50-yard line once more. So, gather your friends, try out Taylor Swift's (rumored) favorite cocktail, bake the same cinnamon rolls that Taylor Swift once made for Travis Kelce, and enjoy the game!

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Take A Sip On These Likely Occasions

Two people toasting cocktails
Two people toasting cocktails - guys_who_shoot / Shutterstock

The rules are simple. Many of the events below are bound to happen at some point during the game. Pay special attention to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and take a sip whenever one of these predictions comes true. Drink responsibly, and have fun!

  1. The camera shows Swift in her suite.

  2. You spot a sign in the stands mentioning Swift.

  3. The announcers use lyrics from Swift's songs to describe the game.

  4. You see Swift dancing.

  5. Swift hugs Brittany Mahomes.

  6. Kelce makes a hand heart for the stands.

  7. Swift throws her hands in the air.

  8. Swift hugs any member of the Kelce family.

  9. One of Swift's iconic posse shows up. (Possible sightings include: Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Keleigh Sperry, Sabrina Carpenter, and Sophie Turner.)

Take A Drink If...

People holding pints of beer
People holding pints of beer - niksdope / Shutterstock
  1. You see Taylor Swift vibing to Usher during the halftime show.

  2. Swift's outfit matches Brittany Mahomes'.

  3. Swift wears the number "87" anywhere on her clothing.

  4. Travis Kelce scores a touchdown.

  5. The announcers mention how Swift has impacted viewership.

  6. There's a recap of Swift at all the games.

  7. Kelce makes the archer pose.

  8. Swift gives an iconic, "LET'S GOOO!"

  9. The Chiefs win! (This calls for a new bottle.)

  10. Swift goes out onto the field.

  11. Swift and Kelce hug.

  12. Swift talks to coach Reid.

  13. The Chiefs thank Swift for her support.

  14. Swift and Kelce kiss.

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