Taylor Swift fan criticized for listing singer’s ‘22’ hat from Eras Tour for $20,000

Taylor Swift fan criticized for listing singer’s 22 hat from Eras tour for $20,000 (Taylor Swift / YouTube)
Taylor Swift fan criticized for listing singer’s 22 hat from Eras tour for $20,000 (Taylor Swift / YouTube)

A Taylor Swift fan has sparked backlash after putting the singer’s iconic hat – which she gives to one lucky fan during every concert –  up for sale for $20,000.

Many fans of Swift, also known as “Swifties,” took to social media to share that they saw the hat being sold on Ebay. During each one of her concerts for her Eras Tour, Swift makes her way to the end of stage to give her black hat to a fan. She places the hat on a concert-goer’s head while she’s performing the song “22”, since the music video for the tune features Swift in the accessory.

According to the listing, which has since been deleted but has been reposted on X (formerly known as Twitter), the fan received Swift’s hat when attending one of her shows at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey last year. The inside of the hat was signed by Swift herself with a silver sharpie.

The starting bid for the item was $20,000, while the person who shared the listing said that the money would be put towards the college fund of the young fan, who initially received the black hat at the concert.

On X, multiple people have criticized the seller, who some believe may be the fan’s parents, for putting the hat up for grabs in the first place, especially after the young fan’s experience of meeting Swift.

“OMG someone is selling the ‘22’ hat?! Ugh I hate people!!!” one person wrote.

“I understand people go through hard times and money like that is genuinely life-changing. If they need the money, I can’t hold it against them. It can give them food and shelter for their family. But personally, I would never forgive my parents if they did this to me,” another responded.

A third wrote: “It really doesn’t sit right with me how the parents are selling a hat that wasn’t gifted to them. It’s the child’s. It’s not their hat to sell. And if the child needs to pay for their own college because the parents can’t afford it, let the child decide how they’d like to fund it.”

However, other people said they understand the seller’s decision, pointing out how expensive college can be.

“Idk about this take but like we know nothing about this family’s situation,” one wrote. “Yes I know that it can be a very real possibility that the parents forced the kid but we don’t know for sure. Maybe she really does need that money for college funds herself?? I think y’all are too quick to judge.”

“Hey, hot take. We KNOW nothing about this family’s situation,” another added. “You all are assuming the worst and yes, it is a very real possibility that the kid’s being forced to sell and that the parents will spend the money… but it’s really none of our business.”

Since the start of her Eras Tour last year, Swift has continued to use her iconic black hat as an opportunity to interact with a fan at each show. On certain occasions, she’s given the hat to those close to her, as she gave it to Kobe Bryant’s daughter – Bianka – during her concert in Los Angeles in August 2023. While performing in Texas in March 2023, Swift sweetly gave the hat to best friend Selena Gomez’s little sister, Gracie.

During a concert in Sydney, Australia, in February, Swift also gave the hat to a nine-year-old girl named Scarlett, who was diagnosed with cancer in October 2023. In a Facebook post, reshared to X, Scarlett’s step-mother revealed her initial hope for the nine-year-old to get the “22” hat, days before they attended the concert.

“Scarlett is so excited and would absolutely love to receive the ‘22’ hat from Taylor (as would everyone else I’m sure),” she wrote. “I just want her to experience everything in life and if anyone deserves a little happiness it’s her. She deserves the world.”

As of May 21, the listing has been taken down.