Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Were Spotted Having a PDA Moment After the Chiefs Game

Just in case you still have any doubt that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating, despite the fact that she showed up to watch the Chiefs play last Sunday with his mom:

And then was spotted leaving with him:

A new exclusive photo of them partying post-game just popped up on TMZ, featuring Taylor with her arm wrapped around Travis. I meannnn, it's all just very cute and wholesome.

Tragically we weren't at this party, but the good news is that there are tons of details about what happened. According to an Entertainment Tonight source, "Travis bought out the restaurant for his family and team. Taylor arrived, wearing a denim dress, and was seen snacking, having some cocktails and dancing alongside Travis. The two were very affectionate with one another but kept things fun and lighthearted. Travis' teammates also showed up to the after-party, as well as his mom and dad, Donna and Ed. The party lasted until 2 a.m."

Meanwhile, TMZ sources reported that they were "holding hands at the restaurant he rented out for his family, friends and teammates after the game. At one point Taylor was sitting on Travis' lap."

And DeuxMoi delivered this entire timeline, noting that Taylor road to the game with Travis' family, left the after-party at around 1 am, hopped on a party bus, and then chilled with Travis at his house at around 2:15.

Love that for her.

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