Taylor Swift's New Favorite Cocktail Should Be On Your Super Bowl Menu

taylor swift cocktail
Taylor Swift's Fave Cocktail Is So Easy To MakeGetty Images / @cocktails

Late last year, Taylor Swift made a case for the return of the Cosmo after sipping Carrie Bradshaw's iconic drink all over New York. Now, the Eras Tour performer is hyping up a new cocktail, and it's having a major moment at bars and online.

According to The Washington Post, while enjoying a girls night out with fellow Chiefs WAGs at the restaurant Rye near Kansas City, Swift was reportedly sipping French Blondes all night long. "From our understanding, [that is] her favorite cocktail," the restaurant's co-owner told the outlet.

Now, in case you're unfamiliar with the cocktail (it's more under-the-radar than a Cosmo), let me fill you in: Tay's new drink of choice features gin, the French aperitif Lillet, St-Germain liqueur, and grapefruit juice.

While it might not be quite as popular as her other fave, the French Blonde has been around for a while—and is quickly becoming a mainstay on menus. In fact, the cocktail is a staple at the beloved NYC haunt Ray's Hometown Bar, where it's served on a special "ThursTays" menu that "celebrates champagne and no problems—Taylor Swift style—by inviting patrons to gather, sip, and toast to Taylor's tunes on repeat."

According to the general manager Dylan Wells, who spoke with The Zoe Report on the subject, there are a few different iterations of Swift's go-to cocktail on the menu. The Gyspy Eyes drink subs "vodka for gin, the florality of elderflower for green chartreuse and lemon for lime. Keep the grapefruit and add Aperol and you have the gypsy eyes," he explains. "Another nice option is a Presbyterian's Revenge, keeping lemon and grapefruit together but using scotch instead of vodka and cynar to give it more of a bite instead of elderflower."

Now if you want to make the OG French Blonde, it's pretty simple.

The French Blonde


  • 1⁄2 oz. elderflower liqueur, like St. Germain

  • 1 oz. dry gin

  • 2 oz. Lillet Blanc

  • 2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

  • A few dashes lemon bitters


Shake together the elderflower liqueur, dry gin, Lillet Blanc, grapefruit juice, and lemon bitters in an ice-filled cocktail shaker for at least 30 seconds. Then strain into a martini glass. Voila! Taylor-approved!

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