Taylor Swift’s ‘TNT’ Bracelet Confirmed to Be a His-and-Hers Gift From Travis Kelce

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We all know the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce love story began when the football star tried, and failed, to give Swift a friendship bracelet after one of her concerts. Now, not only has Kelce succeeded in becoming Mr. Taylor Swift, he's also finally given her that friendship bracelet—a very fancy diamond friendship bracelet, which she wore to watch the Kansas City Chiefs win the game that would take them to the Super Bowl.

<h1 class="title">AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens</h1><cite class="credit">Rob Carr/Getty Images</cite>

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Perhaps you peeped the very special bracelet in pictures of Swift and Kelce hugging after the game on January 28. The custom jewelry has a diamond chain, with three gold charms with the letters “TNT,” for “Taylor ’n’ Travis,” written in tiny diamonds.

According to the jewelry brand Wove (based in Pennsylvania, naturally—Lancaster, to be exact), Kelce chose the “TNT” initials and even purchased a matching version of the bracelet for himself in a slightly larger size.

On TikTok a Wove employee explained that everyone at the brand is a “massive Swiftie” and added, “As much as we would love to take credit for the ‘TNT’ nickname, that was all Travis.” She went on, “We are all so, so excited for Taylor and Travis. This love story is our Roman empire, so to be an extremely small part of it, we are just beyond honored.”

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