Taylor Zakhar Perez suggests a Red, White & Royal Blue trilogy: ‘Could you imagine?’

Taylor Zakhar Perez
Taylor Zakhar Perez

Fresh off the news that there will be a sequel to Red, White & Royal Blue, Taylor Zakhar Perez has suggested an exciting idea – a third film!

The 32-year-old actor, also known for The Kissing Booth films, appeared in the Prime Video smash success last year as Alex Claremont-Diaz. Nicholas Galitzine starred opposite him as the fictional Prince Henry of England and Alex’s lover.

On Thursday 9 May Matthew López confirmed that a sequel to Red, White & Royal Blue was in the works. It followed high demand for one with the film’s lead stars and creatives all expressing interest individually since the film’s release. As per Deadline, López will write the script for the sequel alongside McQuiston, who will also produce.

Speaking to Forbes after the announcement, Zakhar Perez suggested they could go further than two films. “It could be a trilogy,” he said. “I mean, could you imagine having the first queer trilogy for young people to log in and see themselves on TV?” He also said: “I would love for it to be a staple for Amazon and for people to come login and go, ‘Oh, this is my happy place, this is a teachable moment, but I also am going to laugh…”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Kissing Booth star said that the world of Red, White & Royal Blue is “aspirational and optimistic,” and an example of “a wonderful world that we could live in.” Zakhar Perez also spoke of his interactions with fans of the film, recalling a commonality.

“It’s always like, ‘I loved you in this film because my friend, my brother, myself, have gone through this and I contemplated suicide before I read this book or before I saw this film, and I saw the film and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, wow! There’s a life for me outside of this town or this situation,’ and that is so meaningful as an actor.”

Galitzine had previously told Attitude when asked about wanting to do a sequel: “I think the script has to be right.” He then said: “But obviously, it was so lovely to see how many people it touched, and having that resonance is incredibly important to me. So, yeah of course.”

Red, White & Royal Blue is streaming now.

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