The TaylorMade Qi10 Designer Series Comes in 4 Colors

Typically when an OEM releases a new driver early in the year, it takes at least 6 months until new "special edition" versions are added to the lineup. This year however, TaylorMade Golf has switched up the playbook. Only one week after unveiling its new Qi10 driver to the public, the brand has introduced a Designer Series ⁠into the fold that features four new colorways.

The Qi10 line, named after 10K MOI, a number which measures the forgiveness of a club, is split into three models this year. Qi10 standard casts the widest net, while LS and Max versions are aimed at low handicaps and high handicaps respectively. As for the Designer Series, TaylorMade is focusing on its standard and Max models. The standard version is being offered in an ultra sleek all-black, or black with a red sole. On the other hand, the Max is seen in a classic combination of black and yellow or blue with chrome accents.

Each driver comes with a special black leather headcover, Mitsubishi Diamana T+ 60 shaft and a price tag of $630 USD.⁠ You can pre-order them now on TaylorMade's website, and note the shipping date of March 15.