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Teacher asks high school students to fill out online survey: ‘What’s the tea?’

One teacher is making waves on TikTok with an online questionnaire she had her students fill out.

When ninth-grade teacher Mandie (@fairyniceofyou) missed class, she created a Google Form to check in her students. A substitute teacher filled in for her that day.

“Hello!!! I am sorry I cannot be there for you guys today. I would love some feedback on how the day is going, so please fill out this form.” Mandie listed a series of questions for them to answer, like “What’s the tea?” and “How was everything today?”

The responses she received were hilarious, to say the least.

“The sub is very snippy and rude and takes her job way too seriously. I miss you,” wrote one student.

“I walked in on time and she said I was late, when the second bell never rang yet. I respectfully told her ‘no’ because it’s true and she called me rude. overall my day is going pretty good,” wrote another student.

“Fine ig,” wrote a student, when asked how their day is going. ‘Ig’ can be translated to “I guess.”

“She left the door unlocked and people from other classes (looking for you) walked in and walked right out after they saw the sub,” a student responded when asked what the tea is.

According to a different student, the substitute teacher also “started telling people to go take off their shoes if they had crocs on,” further writing, “it was so stupid lol.”

Mandie notes that she teaches 125 kids but received just 26 responses. This process made her realize something crucial about her more reserved students.

“This method gives quiet students a way to communicate,” she shares.

“Almost all the responses I got are from students that never talk in class.”

“I’m a quiet student, I would have loved this when I was in school.”

Comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive, with many users praising Mandie for her teaching style.

“I’m a quiet student, I would have loved this when I was in school, wrote @deathangel239.

“as a former quiet student we know way too much about what’s going on bc people know we won’t talk about anything,” revealed @kathyptx.

“This is so smart because we had subs that straight lied about students,” commented @hannahandthebulldogs.

With 1.3 million views and more than 177,600 likes, Mandie’s questionnaire not only entertained audiences but gave students especially the more soft-spoken ones a way to safely share their thoughts and experiences.

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