Teen's first driving lesson ends with dad screaming: 'No more lessons from me'

A father gave his daughter her first driving lesson — and probably won’t get back in the passenger seat anytime soon.

TikTok dad Will Harkness posted the hilarious footage. He conducted the lesson for his daughter, Codi, in a parking lot. Thankfully, it was empty because there could have been some collateral damage.

“Codi’s 1st driving lesson and her last,” the video text stated.

First, the father instructed her to turn slowly and gently. Things were going good — at first. When Harkness told her to turn up the gas a “wee bit,” Codi put the pedal to the metal. The car accelerated, and the dad began to scream.

“I said a wee bit of gas,” the father screamed. “Codi, slow down. Codi, slow down. Slow! Slow!”

“I’m trying! I’m trying!” she shrieked.

The car appeared to lose control as if it were about to crash into the curb — until it anticlimactically came to a halt.

The hilarious video racked up 2.1 million views on TikTok.

“His life flashed in front of him lol,” a person said.

“This is what happened when my friend tried to teach me in a car park at like 18 and I nearly propelled us into the bushes,” a user commented.

“As someone who’s recently taught 2 teenagers to drive, I sympathise totally with the level of panic in your voice,” another wrote.

“I feel him. My daughter did that. But in reverse. I took her home. No more lessons from me,” someone added.

“At least everyone stayed calm,” a TikToker replied.

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