Share The Outdated Slang Your Parents Still Think Is Cool

Parents have been embarrassing their children since the dawn of time. Sometimes, the age gap between parent and child is so wide, that parents will say something that sounds like another language.

Amy Poehler in character from "Mean Girls," smiling and saying to her daughter, "I'm not a regular mom. I'm a cool mom"
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I want to know from the BuzzFeed Community, what slang your parents still use that is totally outdated.

For example, it could be an out of style word that they use constantly like "rad."

Jason Bateman, wearing headphones and a dragon-embroidered jacket, looks surprised while commentating in a crowded setting
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Maybe they use slang that just doesn't fit with the times anymore, like, "wazzzuppp!"

Masked person in a black hooded cloak holding a phone and exclaiming "Waaaaazzzzuuuuupppp"
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Or perhaps they use outdated phrases so old that it makes you roll your eyes like, "you're on thin ice, pal!"

Larry David outdoors, wearing a coat over a sweater and shirt, looking slightly off-camera with a neutral expression and lush greenery in the background

Whatever the slang, tell me about it and your reaction to hearing it. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post! If you prefer to stay anonymous, fill out this Google form here.