Tell Me About A Stereotype You Associate With Items You've Seen In A Stranger's Grocery Cart

What you buy can say a lot about you. Maybe you've worked as a cashier at a grocery store or heck, maybe you're just someone like me who enjoys peeking into other shoppers' carts to see what they're buying.

A man in a grocery store aisle, looking intently ahead, with shelves stocked with various packaged foods surrounding him

And chances've probably come up with a quick judgment about said stranger based on what they were buying (we're only human, after all).

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So, I want to know what stereotypes you associate with popular grocery items you might find in a stranger's market haul.

A shopping cart with cereal, pasta, melon, baked beans, milk, ketchup, and strawberries in a supermarket aisle. A person is seen shopping in the background
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For example, maybe you were working the register checking out a young man with nothing but instant ramen in his cart, and your first reaction was, "Welp, this college kid has probably never cooked a day in his life."

Four Nissin instant noodle packages in different flavors: Soy Sauce Seafood, Miso Tonkotsu, Black Garlic, and Tokyo Shoyu
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Perhaps you were ringing up a woman who handed you half a dozen different kinds of nut milk, the entire produce aisle, and several protein powders. So naturally, you wondered if she was operating a smoothie shop out of her home.

Ingredients including strawberries, banana, and blueberries in a blender, ready to be mixed for a smoothie
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Or maybe while waiting in the checkout line, you took a peek at the guy standing behind you. His groceries consisted of a box of frozen pepperoni pizza and a six-pack of beer, which forced you to conclude that his significant other is probably the household chef...and they're probably out of town.

Frozen pizza boxes arranged on grocery store shelves, including McCain Thin Crust, McCain Rising Crust, and other pizza brands
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Or you took a peek at a woman's cart that contained nothing but several different cartons of cottage cheese, and you thought, "She's clearly been watching lots of cooking videos on TikTok."

A rye bread slice topped with cottage cheese, avocado slices, a boiled egg half, and parsley leaves on a white plate
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I'd love to hear it from you — what is a stereotype you associate with someone's grocery store cart or a judgment you assign to a particular item? What do you immediately think when you see someone checking out with a specific food or product? Tell us in the comments or drop your thoughts into this anonymous form. Your responses might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.