Tess Holliday responds to 'health concerns' over swimsuit photo: 'No one cares'

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Tess Holliday has hit back at trolls after posting a swimsuit picture. [Photo: Getty/Instagram]

Tess Holliday has hit back at those trolls who have shamed her for her size.

The plus-size American model shared a video to Instagram of herself enjoying a cup of frosé – frozen rosé, FYI – on the beach.

In the clip, Holliday, 34, is wearing a floral swimming costume which shows off her figure and her array of multi-coloured tattoos.

At time of writing, the short clip had already received over a quarter of a million views on Instagram.

And while there were a lot of positive responses from Holliday’s followers, a number of users expressed their concerns over her ‘health’ in the comments section.

“This is unhealthy. She is slowing dying. Her heart will not be able to keep up very soon,” read one user’s comment.

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Holliday responded directly to the user with a blunt response: “No one cares”.

Elsewhere in the comments section, users expressed how Holliday had inspired them to wear a swimsuit on the beach – regardless of their size.

One comment read: “Yesterday I went to a public pool and I was feeling like people were going to just stare and make fun of me when I walk out with just my bathing suit on. And my mantra the whole time was “If Tess can do it I can do it” and I walked out for the first time with out [sic] clothes on and just swam!”

Another said: “I wore a bathing suit this past wknd [sic] in what seemed like over a decade. Son surprised me with a trip to Kauai. I've been working on my health but I love my curves. I remembered you as I put on that suit, held my head high and strut [sic] my ass to that beach. #zerofucks TY @tessholliday for all that you do. #effyourbeautystandards.”

Holliday, who signed with Milk Model Management in 2015, is the largest plus-size model to be signed to a mainstream modelling agency. She wears a UK size 26, according to The Sun.

Back in 2013, she started a body-positive Instagram movement called “#effyourbeautystandards”.

Tess Holliday starred on the cover of the October 2018 edition of UK Cosmopolitan. [Photo: Cosmopolitan]

She had done covers for the likes of US publications SELF and NYLON and, in October 2018, the UK edition of Cosmopolitan. The latter sparked a high-profile obesity row spearheaded by the likes of Piers Morgan.

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But Holliday, who openly embraces the word “fat” in her Instagram, is undeterred by the backlash – recently tweeting Morgan to let him know her Cosmopolitan cover had been nominated for Cover of the Year at the PPA Awards - an award it later won.

More recently, she hit headlines after speaking about her pansexuality.

Earlier this week, there was a debate over whether size 12 influencer Chessie King is an appropriate frontwoman for a body-positive fashion range – with some claiming she is too “thin”.

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