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The 40+ best Amazon deals this week: Save up to 80% on gardening essentials, vacuums, tech goodies and more

These Amazon sales will have you scooping up top brands like Apple, Bissell and Keurig for a steal.

Amazon deals: Apple iPad, Bissell Little Green, tiered vertical garden, purple badge that reads Yahoo! Amazon weekly deals, all on a colorful background
We're still over a week away from Memorial Day, but with savings of up to 80% at Amazon, you'd think there was a holiday sales event happening. (Amazon)

Did you know that the ancient Roman philosophy of Stoicism has been making a comeback? It's true, and no wonder — it's full of inspirational maxims, like this one from Seneca (4 B.C. to 65 A.D.): "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." It's with this nugget in mind that we congratulate you: If you're reading this, you're preparing to stock up on all manner of tech, clothing, housewares and beauty products in time for summer. Well, here comes your opportunity: The Amazon sales we're seeing feature a 15.6-inch laptop for $1,000-plus off, a pair of go-anywhere, do-anything Hanes shorts for a mere $9, an $83 markdown on an allergy-fighting air purifier and a celeb-approved Estee Lauder face serum for $46 off. We can see that lean and hungry look on your face from here — make Seneca proud and get shopping!

  • Addlon 100-Foot LED Outdoor String Lights

    Save $15 with Prime and coupon
  • Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

    Save $25
  • Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

    Save $8 with coupon
  • Cozsinoor Cooling Bed Pillows, Queen

    Save $89 with coupon
  • Colorfulkoala High-Waisted Leggings

    Save $6 with coupon

Show of hands: Who likes saving over $1,000? (That was rhetorical.) Unless you're a serious gamer or video editor, a straight-up, no-nonsense laptop for everyday computer tasks is more than sufficient. This highly-rated model lets you stay connected with family and friends via video calls, check your email, browse the web and stream your favorite movies and shows. It's equipped with 16GB RAM for quick-response multitasking, and you'll be able to use it for up to eight hours before it needs a charge. At under 4 pounds, it's highly portable too.

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$900 at Amazon

Get ahead of sweaty summer nights with this pair of chill headrests. Thousands of satisfied slumberers rave about their soft yet supportive feel, and their breathable down alternative fill helps promote airflow for a more comfortable slumber. According to the brand, they're suited for all sleep styles, whether you tend to rest on your back, stomach or side. Nab 'em while they're nearly 75% off. 

For more, check out our roundup of the best pillows of 2024 for every type of sleeper.

Save $89 with coupon
$31 at Amazon

You, your kids and your grandkids will have a blast playing with this highly touted drone, which easily connects to your phone for taking photos and videos from above. Use it in the yard or even bring it on your next trip for a bird's-eye view of your summer vacation. And, oh, yeah: It can do 360-degree flips! Get it for an unreal 80% off. 

$47 at Amazon

If spring allergies are making you sneezier than one of Snow White's friends, you'll want this HEPA air purifier that's currently close to 60% off. Not only can it remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as large as 0.3 microns, but it does so quietly (as in, softer than a whisper). It's suitable for spaces up to 1,076 square feet. 

Check out our roundup of the best air purifiers for more. 

Save $83 with coupon
$70 at Amazon

Your slippery battle with tomatoes ends today. This top-rated knife set is majorly marked down (nearly 60% off) and comes with just about every type of blade a home cook could need: a 3.5-inch paring knife, a 5-inch serrated utility knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, an 8-inch chef's knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, and an 8-inch bread knife. Also included: six 4.5-inch steak knives, a professional honing steel, kitchen shears and a hardwood knife block. Whew! 

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Save $60 with Prime
$40 at Amazon

It's time to chuck all of your mismatched food storage containers and replace them with this heavily marked-down set. It comes with 12 round and rectangular containers, which are clear so you can easily see their contents. Since they're made of borosilicate glass, the containers are dishwasher-, oven- and microwave-safe (just not the lids), and their airtight silicone seals help prevent leaks.

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$40 at Amazon

Let's avoid a tiki torch incident this summer, yeah? This long string of LED lights will illuminate your yard, patio or pool area with a warm glow that'll also allow guests to see which flavor of seltzer they're grabbing from the cooler. And feel free to leave them up all year: They're designed to endure harsh weather, be it heavy rain, wind or snow.  

Save $15 with Prime and coupon
$25 at Amazon

No room for a garden? Think again! This planter is like a high-rise condo for your flora — you'll be able to harvest five different herbs, flowers and more within a super-small footprint (12.5 square inches, to be exact). Rest it on the ground, hang it up, use it outside, indoors — the limit does not exist!

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Save $6 with Prime
$34 at Amazon

Yard in need of some heavy-duty pruning? This small but mighty chainsaw is powerful enough to take down tree branches yet weighs under 2.5 pounds. Plus, this top seller is cordless for even more convenience. Overgrown shrubs, you've met your match. 

$40 at Amazon

Never fight with your family over outlets again. This electrifying gadget boasts five AC outlets and four USB ports, enough for everyone to charge their devices all at once. Oh, and this bestseller is much sleeker than having a power strip on your floor.  

Check out our tech editor's roundup of the tech products he can't live without for more. 

$13 at Amazon

Why keep tripping over shampoo bottles when these handy shower shelves exist? This No. 1 bestselling set claims to hold up to 40 pounds (that's a lot of gel, conditioner and body wash) and comes with five storage racks in different sizes for all your bathtime essentials. All you need to do is apply the included adhesive to stick 'em on the wall. 

Save $52 with coupon
$18 at Amazon

Hate having to drag out a cutting board every time you need to slice an onion? And does said onion make your eyes tear up with the sting of a hundred jellyfish? That's why thousands of shoppers reach for this top seller, which chops veggies into tiny, uniform pieces with just one push. And because everything falls into the attached tray, you'll keep your counter clean too. 

Save $25 with coupon
$25 at Amazon

Sleek and efficient, you can whip up barista-level coffee drinks at home — we're talking lattes, cappuccinos and any other caffeinated delights. It even comes with its own milk frother for that fresh-from-the-cafe foam — you get all that for nearly 40% off.

$58 at Amazon

Looking for a cute new suit? Make a splash with this asymmetrical stunner, which features flattering ruching and a supportive mesh panel at the waist, along with a fun ruffle detail along its strap. It comes in so many colors and prints that you'll be tempted to grab a few — and at these prices, we say go for it. 

Save $12 with coupon
$36 at Amazon

Bring your crispy, crunchy culinary dreams to life by way of Amazon's No. 1 bestseller in the air fryer category. It has a wide temperature range (from 105°-450°F) and can roast, reheat and dehydrate, all in one machine. Plus, it's compact but can fit up to 2 pounds of fries in its basket.

$80 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling, compact carpet cleaner went viral for a reason — it packs a punch, especially considering it weighs less than 10 pounds. Its powerful suction can be used to remove stains not just from rugs but also from furniture and even car upholstery. Plus, it comes with a self-cleaning hose tool and a bottle of Bissell's Spot & Stain with Febreze. 

Check out our full Bissell Little Green review for more. 

$99 at Amazon

Got a green thumb and don't want to strain it? These No. 1 sellers were designed to slice through branches, stems and stalks like nobody's business. Made of durable stainless steel, the blades have a low-friction coating and a self-cleaning sap groove to help prevent sticking, and the nonslip handles offer a secure grip.

Check out our full Fiskars Garden Pruning Shears review for more. 

$14 at Amazon

Treat your tush to the oh-so-refreshing spray of this popular bidet, which allows you to adjust the water pressure to your liking. It feels nicer than using scratchy toilet paper, and it'll also cut down on your TP spending (plus, it's more sanitary than wiping). Everything you need for easy installation is included.

Check out our full Bio Bidet review for more. 

$34 at Amazon

These second-gen top sellers have hundreds of thousands of perfect ratings, thanks to their clear, rich sound quality, 24-hour battery life and convenient cord-free design. They're rarely on sale for this price, so we'd grab 'em while they're $50 off!

Check out our roundup of the best wireless earbuds for more. 

$80 at Amazon

There's a reason for the hype surrounding the newest Apple AirPods Pro — many reasons, in fact. For starters, they offer rich, crisp sound and superior noise cancellation, allowing you to enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks and more without outside commotion getting in the way. This model lets you control the volume simply by swiping the stem, and you'll receive four pairs of silicone tips in different sizes for customized comfort.

$190 at Amazon

Earbuds aren't for everyone, and if you'd prefer some cushy headphones, this wildly popular pair from Sony is an insane 10 bucks — that's 50% off. Their lightweight design makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the swiveling ear cups allow you to fold them down for easy packing. A wide frequency range offers an immersive sound experience.

$10 at Amazon

It's safe to say you won't be needing your puffer coat for a long time. Rather than letting it take up space in your closet, allow these roomy storage bags to keep all of your off-season belongings organized and out of the way. Each one has an impressive 90-liter capacity, along with see-through front panels so you won't forget what you stashed in them.

Save $29 with coupon
$16 at Amazon

Whether you're at home or on vacation, this 1.7-pound device will make de-wrinkling your shirts a piece of cake. You can use it on everything from casual cotton clothes to more delicate silk garments, so go ahead and pack that new dress in your suitcase! It just so happens to be Amazon's No. 1 bestselling travel steamer and has nearly 75,000 satisfied users. 

$30 at Amazon

Hot sleepers, rejoice: Over 132,000 shoppers rave about these wrinkle-resistant cooling sheets, made from breathable bamboo. They're Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified and come in an impressive 35 colors and prints. 

Check out our roundup of the best cooling sheets for more. 

$35 at Amazon

If you've been curious about all the hype around Apple's popular tablets, now's your chance for a firsthand peek. This ninth-gen iPad has 64GB of storage, a crisp Retina display, front and back cameras and Touch ID to ensure that your information stays secure. Use it for everything from checking your email to browsing the web, sharing photos and even sketching. (You'll want an Apple Pencil for that last one.) 

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$249 at Amazon

Want to feel like you're getting a spa treatment in the comfort of your own bed? This mask will feel like heaven as it massages your eye area (with heat, no less!), and it can also be paired to your phone via Bluetooth so you can unwind with some soothing tunes. At 60% off, this is a fantastic deal. 

Save $77 with Prime and coupon
$53 at Amazon

Going camping? You'd be wise to take this No. 1 bestselling solar generator with you. You can charge it ahead of time at home or let the sun do its thing via a built-in solar panel. It's got two AC outlets and USB ports galore to keep multiple devices juiced up while you enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, there's a built-in LED flashlight you can use as a backup. 

Save $45 with coupon
$65 at Amazon

This popular, No. 1 bestselling kit can minimize the risk of dryer-related house fires, as it'll do a more thorough job than simply wiping out the lint. Just attach it to your vacuum — you'll be amazed by how much it sucks up!

$9 at Amazon

Great for getting into small corners and busting away grime from grout, this battery-powered gadget scrubs 60 times per second to save you time and elbow grease. It comes with two heads and is all ready to go with batteries. Spring cleaning has never been so easy!

Check out our full Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber review for more.

$17 at Amazon

Even the most seasoned green thumbs need protection from thorns and rough branches. These No. 1 bestsellers combine comfort and function with a breathable, knitted material and flexible rubber for improved grip. This six-pack is down to just over $2 a pair.

$14 at Amazon

If a smaller screen suits your needs, you won't do much better than this highly affordable, No. 1 bestselling 32-inch telly. It's equipped with Alexa voice control and is compatible with Apple AirPlay, meaning you can pair it with your Apple device to broadcast photos and videos on the screen. 

Check out our roundup of the best budget TVs for more. 

$130 at Amazon

Enjoy sports, movies and all your favorite streaming services on this bestselling 40-inch smart TV, which has high-def resolution and LED backlight to bring you clear, vibrant visuals. It's equipped with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, allowing you to watch anything from your phone or tablet right on your television, and it has more than 140 apps — including Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube — built in for instant access.

$160 at Amazon

For a very reasonable $450 you can snag this No. 1 bestseller, which features 4K Quantum Dot Display for unbelievable picture quality. It automatically adjusts the brightness level of whatever you're watching, and when it's not in use you can have it display over a thousand pieces of artwork.

$430 at Amazon

If feeling the piping-hot leather of your car's seat against your leg is enough to make you get out and wait for the bus, you're gonna want this bestselling windshield cover. It'll protect the interior of your car from the sun's rays to cool things down while it's parked, and it folds down to fit into its included storage pouch when not in use. 

$15 at Amazon

Want to keep your tires in good condition for a long time? This nifty device lets you check their pressure so you can fill 'em up with air if needed. And it's not just for cars — use it to check bike, motorcycle and truck tires too. 

Check out our roundup of the best things to keep in your car for more. 

Save $7 with coupon
$9 at Amazon

Speaking of tires, you'll be so relieved you had this portable air compressor in the trunk when you realize a tire is a little floppy. It takes just minutes to pump it back to normal, and you can do all four on a single charge. You can also use it on balls, bike tires and balloons! Snag it while it's 75% off. 

Save $150 with Prime
$50 at Amazon

This handy little particle picker-upper is ideal for stashing in the car so you'll always have a way to clean up those fast food crumbs. It weighs just over a pound, making it easy to reach higher surfaces, and since it's battery-powered, you won't have to deal with annoying cords. It's nearly 80% off, so vroom, vroom!

Save $134 with coupon
$36 at Amazon

How stylish is this sleek stick vac? And for a fraction of the price of a Dyson to boot. At just 7.5 pounds, it's easy to move around the house, and since it's cordless, there won't be any tripping over cables or searching for empty outlets. It runs for up to 48 minutes on a single charge and has a built-in handheld vacuum for de-dusting higher areas in your home. 

Check out our roundup of the 10 vacuums Yahoo staffers can't live without for more.  

$164 at Amazon

A bestselling Roomba for nearly $100 off? We'll take two! This gizmo will zap up all of that dust and debris on your floor while you relax on the sofa — nothing wrong with that. It runs for up to 90 minutes before heading back to its charging dock, and you can even schedule cleanings via the app. 

$180 at Amazon

Rise and (ditch the) grind — with this brewer, just fill with water, place your K-Cup of choice inside and you've got a fresh cup in minutes. But what really sets this model apart is the fact that it has an iced coffee setting that'll be a lifesaver during those summer scorchers. 

$135 at Amazon

Wait — you don't need a big backyard to grill your heart out? Holy smokes! (Actually, there's no smoke involved with this appliance.) When the craving for charred hot dogs and burgers inevitably hits, you'll be able to cook 'em up right in your kitchen. No mosquitoes, no humidity, no slathering yourself in sunscreen. Plus, you can swap the grill grate for the included flat-top griddle for flipping pancakes and fried eggs just like at your favorite diner. 

Check out our roundup of the best grills of 2024, according to barbecue champions and grill masters for more. 

$100 at Amazon

If you spend lots of time in the kitchen, your feet deserve a cushy surface to stand on during all of that cooking (and dishwashing). This highly rated anti-fatigue mat is made from a comfy foam to help take some of the pressure off of your muscles and joints, and its nonslip bottom will stay put without sliding around. The waterproof material is also easy to wipe clean. 

Save $7 with Prime and coupon
$13 at Amazon

If your under-eye area could use a little freshening up, it's this No. 1 bestselling cream to the rescue! Formulated with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, calming niacinamide and three essential ceramides, it helps maintain and restore the skin barrier to preserve hydration and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Even celebs like Olivia Wilde are fans.

Check out our roundup of the best eye creams for dark circles for more. 

$13 at Amazon

The best beauty products are the ones that get to work while we snooze, which is probably why this serum is a fave of Elizabeth Hurley. That, and the fact that it's packed with fine line- and wrinkle-targeting ingredients like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and the brand's own Night Peptide. Wake up to a smoother, plumper-looking complexion!

$46 at Amazon

Salma Hayek swears by Tepezcohuite — the main ingredient in this cream — for keeping her complexion in check, saying it "completely regenerates the skin" and is why she has "no peels, no fillers." This popular face product is also formulated with vitamins A and E, which can help minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. 

$10 at Amazon

Everyone needs a versatile pair of leggings, and over 37,000 shoppers love this pair for its super-soft material. The thick, structured waistband helps keep your midsection supported without feeling too constricting, while the four-way stretch fabric allows for plenty of movement. Plus, these pants have side pockets for storing your keys and phone, and they come in over 20 colors/prints.

Check out our roundup of the best leggings with pockets for more. 

Save $6 with coupon
$24 at Amazon

Yahoo readers and Amazon shoppers alike can't get enough of these supremely comfortable shorts, which feature an adjustable drawstring waist and, conveniently, pockets. They're made from a soft cotton blend (the black and navy options are 100% cotton!), and reviewers of all ages are singing their praises.

$9 at Amazon

A comfy cooling bra for just $13? Our cups runneth over! Made of moisture-wicking material, this bra was designed to help keep you cool and sweat-free for hours on end. Its wireless support also ensures everything stays in place without uncomfortable jabbing, and its tag-free design means no scratching. Plus, the four-way stretch fabric conforms to your body for a customized fit.

Check out our roundup of the best support bras for more.

$13 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you'll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)