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The As Seen On TV incredible shrinking 'dream hose' is just what your lawn doctor ordered — and it's on sale for $40

'I’m actually looking forward to watering my thirsty plants in the future!' wrote a happy gardener.

Can we all agree that summer is the best season? Yes? I thought so. Backyard barbecues or front lawn frolicking — it's made for fun. And while an emerald green backdrop isn't required for all your summer party plans, it sure does help. If you've crashed into one too many speedbumps to get that idyllic garden going, there's one thing that might get you where you want to go: the Pocket Hose Copper Bullet Expandable Garden Hose. If you happened to catch the commercial for this As Seen On TV fave when you were dozing off, now's your chance to get it on sale.

Puncture-resistant? Tangle-proof? No kinks? Meet your garden's new best friend. 

$40 at Amazon
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$50 at JCPenney

Anytime a gizmo can knock off effort from a chore, we consider it a good buy, but this one comes with a discount. Not only will you save more than a few bucks on it, you'll save yourself some time and headaches so you can enjoy your summer, too.

This bad boy is what your parched garden is begging for. The most notable feature on this magical hose is how it expands when you need to do your watering and it contracts when it's time to put it away. According to its inventor, "It stretches and expands like a rubber band and when you turn off the water away it goes shrinking and squeezing that water out until it's practically bone dry."

How does it do all that? Well, this hose has three layers of heavy-duty latex on the inside — that makes it both stretchy and puncture-resistant. To reinforce its strength, it's then wrapped in a polymer filament like hoses used by firefighters. On top of all that, it's infused with real copper — the brand says it keeps your water clean and lead-free. If you grew up drinking water from a hose (Gen Xers, we're looking at you) rather than an emotional support water bottle, this is definitely a bonus.

In addition to the hose, this deal comes with a fancy sprayer. It has ten unique settings so you can give your lawn a spray and your precious petals a good misting. Concerned about water pressure? You can adjust it with the easy-to-use thumb wheel.

hose and sprayer, lawn with house
Without water, the hose shrinks up for easy storage and your thirsty lawn and sunbaked garden will thank you for the fancy sprayer. (Amazon/Getty)

Amazon gardeners are in awe of this hose.

"I love this hose," said a fan. "It is perfect in every way. My old hose was such a pain really long and heavy and tangles etc etc. so hard to wrap around the hose holder etc, this one is so light and easy and [has] no tangles. The sprayers all work really great too. I will never use any other kind of hose again. LOVE THIS HOSE! I was going to buy the 50ft hose but didn't need to, this one stretches a long way."

"Since I spend a lot of time in my yard with my plants, I needed a hose that doesn’t make my job harder," wrote another rave reviewer. "I wanted a lightweight hose that is easy to put away. This hose did that and much more. The hose itself is easy to maneuver around rocks & other obstacles in my yard. As I feel less tired than usual and have a sense of accomplishment using it, I can declare this my dream hose. This hose made my yard work so much easier. I’m actually looking forward to watering my thirsty plants in the future!"

Some shoppers say the hose might need a little bit of care when you put it away.

"I was really glad to order this hose," a landscaping shopper shared. "The only comment I would make is that it doesn’t wind up nicely and neatly like the picture. It just retracts into a pile but is easy to store in a pot or wind up on the faucet handle. We don’t have particularly high water pressure at our house, but with this hose, it really comes out hard and fast."

"Did realize not to wind it in my crank hose feeder as it will fray a little, but love its lightweight construction," wrote another gardener. "Need to be prepared when turning off water spigot it will shrink quickly so must have it in a clearance situation otherwise it can catch your foot or a table. The nozzle is the best on the market for sure."

With the fancy sprayer, your thirsty lawn and sunbaked garden will thank you.

$40 at Amazon
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$50 at JCPenney

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