The Most Overlooked Foods for Weight Loss

ShapeApril 19, 2012

These high-fiber foods are packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor. Add them to your diet today!


1. Artichokes: 8 g fiber | 87 calories

Frozen artichokes have nearly as much fiber as fresh ones. Love stuffed artichokes? Slim them down with this recipe for skinny stuffed artichokes.

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2. Raspberries: 

8 g fiber | 64 calories

These berries are high in cancer-fighting ellagic acid. Add some fiber to dessert with these nectarine and raspberry sundaes.


3. Pumpkin: 7 g fiber | 116 calories

Pumpkin is a rich source of alpha and beta carotene. Don't know what to do with pumpkin besides carve it? Try these tasty ideas for cooking with fresh pumpkin.

brussels sprouts
brussels sprouts

4. Brussels sprouts: 6 g fiber | 65 calories

Brussels sprouts have more protein than most veggies . Don't think you like them? Think again-this recipe for braised Brussels sprouts in mustard sauce is flavorful and not at all bitter.


5. Kiwi: 5 g fiber | 110 calories

One kiwi provides 273 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Find out more reasons why kiwis are a better healthy snack than oranges.

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6. Pears: 6 g fiber | 103 calories

Pears are high in soluble fiber , which lowers cholesterol.

Don't know the difference between Bartlett and Bosc? Learn more about how to pick and prepare pears.

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