The new Framework 13 laptops include Intel Core Ultra Series 1 processors

There’s also an updated webcam and the option for a 2.8K, 120Hz display.


Framework, the company known for making unique modular laptops, just announced the latest iteration of its Laptop 13. The big news here is that these computers now come equipped with Intel Core Ultra Series 1 processors, which should offer a serious boost in power along with improved efficiency and battery life. These processors also support up to 96GB of DDR5 RAM, so you can make sure your model is relatively future-proof.

A laptop isn’t just a processor, however, so the Laptop 13 features all kinds of iterative improvements over previous models. There are multiple display options, and the best one features a resolution of 2880x1920 and a refresh rate of 120Hz. That’ll certainly be quite handy for gaming.

There’s a new 9.2MP webcam that steals a bit of tech from modern smartphone cameras to deliver “amazing 1080p performance, especially in low-light conditions.” Framework has also moved to lower-noise microphones for audio clarity.

Of course, this is Framework, so the Laptop 13 is modular. The company offers an array of customization options, including new expansion cards and system modules. There are some new multi-colored USB-C expansion cards and a forthcoming SD expansion card for easy flash storage. It also offers pre-configured models to suit different consumers. For instance, there’s a business version that comes with a 3-year warranty and pre-installed Windows 11 Pro with Autopilot support.

Preorders are available right now, with deliveries starting next month. The Laptop 13 starts at $1,100.