The Shocking Reason for Bad Hair Days

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I was duped. Swindled. Hoodwinked.

For years, I've complained to my stylist about my limp, always-dry hair, and he always gave me new product recommendations along with the same advice: Use this serum/leave-in conditioner/deep conditioner on the ends of your hair -- and only the ends.

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And so I bought countless new products over the years and dutifully put them on my ends, and I never saw the kind of miracles the product labels promised.

I was whining about these hair issues to my dermatologist (she's a good listener, what can I say?) and she told me a dry scalp could be to blame. After taking a look, she suggested I put conditioner -- even leave-in conditioner -- on my roots (shocking, I know!). And, it worked.

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Turns out a neglected scalp creates a laundry list of other hair problems, including the dry, sad-looking hair I thought I'd never be able to fix. Check out the 9 most common scalp mistakes that might be causing your hair issues now.

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