The World's First Weight-Loss Fragrance: Will You Join the 6,000 Person Waiting List?

Here's the best product to come out of a beauty lab since … heck, this is the most brilliant invention ever.

French perfume house Robertet just launched the world's first weight-loss fragrance. The perfume, called Prends-moi, promises to "slim with pleasure" by releasing B-endorphins in the skin, which trigger an increase in contentment. Since we tend to overeat when we're unhappy, this happy-making scent supposedly reduces the need to snack.

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The fragrance was also formulated with caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina extract, a "Slimming Complex" that reportedly activates enzymes directly involved in your body's ability to break down fat and flush it out of your system.

All you have to do is generously spritz the summery scent in the morning or whenever you feel a need to shovel a fistful of fill-in-your-comfort-food-of-choice-here. So here's the question we're all wondering: Does it work?

According to a trial study of women between 18 and 70 years old, 75 percent had a reduced need to snack, 73 percent experienced pleasure, and 82 percent felt a feeling of comfort after spritzing the scent. And if those numbers don't convince you that you need to try the perfume, how about this one: It costs a mere $37.

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Can't wait to get your hands on a bottle? You're going to have to be patient. There are currently 6,000 people on the waiting list for this new, fat-blasting fragrance.

What do you think -- are you intrigued enough to add your name to the list? Or do you think it's another weight-loss fad that'll pass?

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