For Them Breaks Barriers With New and Improved Chest Binder

LGBTQ-inclusive wellness brand For Them is making gender expression all the more comfortable with the introduction of its ultra-comfortable chest binder.

If you know you know -- binders have a history of not only being restrictive but dangerous, often putting unnecessary pressure on vital organs. Thanks to For Them, the chest binder has gotten a new lease on life. Selling 40,000 pairs of the original, the brand incorporated vital customer feedback to create the new Binder Max.

Itch-free and breathable, the Binder Max is expertly crafted from recycled materials, providing a snug, yet supportive fit, while lessening chafing and discomfort. No longer do you have to sacrifice wearability for function as For Them's reinvigorated Binder Max delivers maximum compression, giving the look wearers desire, while remaining sweat-resistant and retaining its shape.

Versatile enough to be worn as a high crew or v-neck, the Binder Max is available for $62 USD on For Them's online store.