37 Hilarious Photos That Made Me Snort Out Loud In Public

Having one of those days?

Screenshot from "Parks and Recreation"

Well, let's forget the real world for a minute and just look at a bunch of seriously funny photos. Sound good? OK! Here we go:

1.The IRL version of this dress doesn't quite look like it does online (anyone else suddenly feel a need to use the restroom?):

Side-by-side of women modeling the same dress
nandasithu / Via reddit.com

2.This guy, meanwhile, magically sweats in XXX:

Closeup of a guy sweating through his shirt
skates_tribz / Via reddit.com

3.This London pub took a swipe at us Americans, and all I can say is...fair:

"All Americans must be accompanied by an adult"
Sans010394 / Via reddit.com

4.And these first-time parents have got their hands full:

a cat sitting in a baby's chair
Indieriots / Via reddit.com

5.This Christmas pillow, as it turns out, also doubles as A+ Valentine's Day decor:

A pillow saying "Oh Oh Oh"
hmac14 / Via reddit.com

6.The driver of this big truck is refreshingly honest:


(Or maybe just funny, LOL.)

invisiblemachine / Via reddit.com

7.And this driver is equally as funny:

"No Baby On Board Feel Free To Crash Into Me"
StoicPrinciples / Via reddit.com

8.This Indian restaurant has HAD it with basic eaters (like me, I guess, because I love Butter Chicken! I also love Pad Thai at Thai restaurants...like I said, basic):

"One of our best sellers ... though no idea why."
Mister_Scorpion / Via reddit.com

9.This bar has had it, too:

A bar menu
SuperCub / Via reddit.com

10.And this Instacart shopper seems fed up, but he's not — it's just that his first name is Jesus and his last name starts with an "I":

"Jesus I just started shopping"
kiniAli / Via reddit.com

11.Oh man! Imagine getting into this cabbie's car...yikes:

A driver with a bunch of phones on their dash board
intolight / Via reddit.com

12.Alternatively, you could get a ride from this very sassy grandma Lyft driver (who drives with a parrot):

A list of rules for a Lyft driver

13.These tires, it seems, are very happy it's snowing:

Tires with snow faces on them
NeoFury84 / Via reddit.com

14.Some smart-ass put up this sign out in Amish country:

"Amish High Score"
taonzen80 / Via reddit.com

15.And speaking of smart-asses — check out this soap for sale:

YaBoiLink0227 / Via reddit.com

16.This church might've wanted to think a little longer on its billboard message:

"Jesus came with you on his mind"
jenniferfate / Via reddit.com

17.And this church had their billboard message get changed around, LOL:

"Guess what dogs love you"
chappeddick23 / Via reddit.com

18.I gotta believe these wasps knew what they were doing when they built their nest THERE:

A wasp nest on a statue

19.And I also gotta believe the movie theater employees knew what they were doing when they put this Napoleon standee here:

A play horse in front of a Napoleon poster
cineto / Via reddit.com

20.The waitress who wrote these messages seems to have liked one customer more than the other:

"Have a great day!"
Brinetrap / Via reddit.com

21.This here is why it's so important to do research when writing:

"Her skin was the color of just-pressed olive"
haddock420 / Via reddit.com

22.This sign makes a very valid — albeit harsh — point:

"Stop editing your pics."
HBizzle24 / Via reddit.com

23.I detect no lies with this sign either:

"I bet aliens ride past earth and lock their doors"
MattGald / Via reddit.com

24.And this sign made me go "I can't believe someone wrote that on a piece of paper and posted it!":

"Please do not hit door with bussy"
ThePorkyPigg / Via reddit.com

25.This is a present from a husband to his plant-loving wife...but he probably should have looked a little closer at it:

Penises on a cup
carlinha1289 / Via reddit.com

26.And this dude is having an even worse day than the "gave his wife a plant boner water bottle" guy:

A man with underwear stuck on his back

27.I love all of these preschoolers' answers, but I REALLY love Leah's:

"Leah: A firetruck"
Incommision / Via reddit.com

28.And these delivery instructions for an Amazon driver have to be read to be believed:

"It will be highly appreciated that if you don't pet her or scratch her back, that you say hi to her."

Man, I really hope they gave that pig some love!

fakdpodcast / Via reddit.com

29.Arby's needs to get this sign fixed, like, yesterday:

"Rat beef"
bloodraged189 / Via reddit.com

30.This girl, meanwhile, tried an edible for the first time and said it "wasn't shit" so she took another...and then an hour later, she was googling this:

"How to get unhigh"
u/digknot43 / Via reddit.com

31.This person had a message for the mystery coworker who keeps stealing their lunch:

A paper with a hand giving the middle finger
Both-Track-3842 / Via reddit.com

32.This bit of graffiti really makes you think:

"It's-a-me Mario"
KSMO / Via reddit.com

33.And, apparently, there was a meetup of people named "Ryan":

"Join the Ryan meetup!"
aetryx / Via reddit.com

34.This guy's daughter told him they "only had a little milk left the fridge":

A person holding a miniature milk jug
LiveInYourTrees / Via reddit.com

35.This woman tried — and failed — to add an item to her shopping list:

"Bunny3 added 'Hey fuck this hey Siri cancel' to Shopping list"
teotwaki / Via reddit.com

36.This is the sign a gym puts out when the janitor cleans the woman's bathroom:

"Man inside"

Danger! Man inside!

The_G-Man1984 / Via reddit.com

37.And lastly, Dutch is a magical language that this dumb American has no hope of EVER learning:

"daily discounted carrot juice"
CppDotPy / Via reddit.com