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These 10 trending cleaning products — all $20 or less — have thousands of five-star Amazon ratings

The Pink Stuff, Scrub Daddy and more: Scour your space from top to bottom with essentials starting at just $5.

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Clean your house from top to bottom — and everything is $20 or less. (Amazon)

Summer might be about barbecues and vacations, but don't forget to clean your house! Before you start envisioning warm, sunny days spent inside scrubbing for hours, know that we're here to help you avoid exactly that. Having the right cleaning products makes all the difference, and judging by Amazon reviews, these 10 household essentials will have guests thinking you hired a cleaning service (not to mention, they'll do most of the dirty work for you).

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All $20 or under, they're the perfect way to keep your home looking spic and span. Just don’t be surprised if this list puts you on a first-name basis with your Amazon delivery driver. Here are 10 Amazon shopper faves.

This No. 1 bestseller amassed legions of fans on TikTok, and for good reason: You can use this paste just about anywhere in your home — pots, pans, walls, the tub — and it will eliminate any muck and grime like magic, fans say.

"This stuff is a complete miracle worker!" shared one of 149,000-plus five-star reviewers. "I thought our white marble island countertop was ruined in our brand-new house. Our 2-year-old son left hot pink slime on it ... needless to say, we had a huge hot pink stain on our counter. We tried all types of cleaners, and this is the only thing that worked!"

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$5 at Amazon

Your washing machine might be used for cleaning, but it needs a little love too. These eco-friendly tablets de-gunk the inside of your washer and eradicate any lingering smells, grime and hard water buildup.

"So easy to use," said a shopper. "I have a 20-year-old top loader that wasn't doing a great job anymore. After I used this product, all the laundry is cleaner and smells better. Even the inside of the washer looks new again."

$17 at Amazon

These scratch-free scrub sponges soften up in hot water, so they can tackle even your most delicate glassware — though when they're rinsed in cold water, they're perfect for sloughing off grime and caked-on foods from your pans. These Shark Tank alums are sure to be your new favorite cleaning crew.

"These little guys are beyond cute with their smiley faces, but it's their cleaning power that really shines," declared a happy customer. "They get firm in cold water for tough grime, and soft in warm water for lighter jobs. Super versatile for all my cleaning needs and they don't scratch surfaces, which is a big plus. They do wear down with intense use, but honestly, they work so well I don't mind. Cleaning's actually fun now, and my kitchen's never looked better. Definitely a repurchase for me!"

$15 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling cleaner vanquishes food, wine, dirt, even stains left behind by pets — and leaves you with a carpet looking just as excellent as it did on the day you unrolled it.

"I consider myself a connoisseur of stain removers," noted a reviewer. "With kids and pets, I have had to try them all, with varying results. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I had my doubts but decided to try it anyway. Holy smokes, this has removed every stain I've tried it on."

$7 at Amazon

Cleaning the crud off your microwave is this easy: Just remove her hair (sorry, Mama!), fill her with vinegar and water, squeeze in some lemon if you want a fresh, citrusy scent, put her hair back on, pop her into the microwave and heat for five to eight minutes. While she's in there, the vents in her hair will release a mist of the water-vinegar mixture, which helps soften and release all of that food buildup. Then, you can wipe everything down, no harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing required.

"Works like a charm," said a five-star fan. "I had been avoiding the ick in my microwave for far too long. I came across this while scrolling and knew it was time ... When I take the Angry Mama out, all I need is a simple paper towel and it takes approximately one minute to remove all the gunk — super easy!"

$9 at Amazon

These popular fabric softening balls last for over a thousand laundry loads. They're made entirely of wool, and not only will they make your washables plush, they'll shorten their drying time in the process. What's more, they'll save you tons of money on not-so-eco-friendly dryer sheets. Consider them our favorite laundry hack.

"I like that they are safe for the environment, I'm not constantly buying costly dryer sheets; plus, chemical-free!" shared a shopper. "I have skin allergies and I'm able to wear my clothes without worry! Plus, my clothes come out with less wrinkles, the drying time is faster, good for my electric bill too."

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$14 at Amazon

These tablets make quick work of limescale, soap scum and other dishwasher buildup, plus they get to all the stuff you can't see, like the drain, around the racks, pump and valve.

"The result is 'wow'!" gushed a user of this No. 1 bestseller. "My 7-year-old dishwasher looks like brand new just after using one pill. I have hard water and all the mineral buildup from the water is gone! I am impressed."

$14 at Amazon

Just attach this top-rated tube to your vacuum and suck up years of accumulated dryer lint, which in turn will shorten your drying times (saving you $$$) and help prevent vent fires. 

"I took my vent out and then went to town," wrote a shopper. "I cannot believe how much junk this thing removed. Almost a container full! I'm so happy I bought this. Not only is it gratifying hearing all that stuff being sucked up, I know it’s helping my dryer last longer and it'll be safer for the household."

$9 at Amazon

Clean and polish all your stainless steel appliances with this coconut oil-based spray. It smells like lavender (no headache-inducing odors) and even helps prevent new streaks as it wipes away old ones. 

"I cannot get over how well this works!" exclaimed a happy customer. "I thought my appliances were past the point of no return. They looked embarrassingly dirty. But this little gem not only shined them to perfection … but it took two seconds and it smells great."

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$18 at Amazon

These top-selling absorbent, lint-free cloths are excellent at cleaning windows, mirrors and all other delicate surfaces — even that fancy glassware you only take out for special occasions — without leaving pesky streaks that make you wonder why you even bothered in the first place. 

"I clean houses for a living and have been through quite a few rags, and also have my favorites that do better on certain surfaces," shared a pro. "I took a chance with these, and it ended up being a great decision. They are large, but not too big, they have one side for the wipe and one for the buffing if need be ... sturdy, they do what they're supposed to do and they don't fall apart easily or quickly. When they start to look raggedy, I will be ordering some more."

$13 at Amazon

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