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This $9 'parking garage for glasses' is a must for your spring organization spree

Never lose your specs again with a soft magnetic holder that nearly 14,000 shoppers love.

Being organized means having a place for nearly everything in your life — especially necessities like your glasses. We've found a top-selling gadget that might solve one of your most annoying problems: wasting time looking for your specs as you're walking out the door, or fumbling around for your readers in the middle of the night. It's called the Fintie Plush Lined Eyeglasses Holder, and it's already given peace of mind to nearly 14,000 five-star reviewers.

This specs station is simplicity itself: One faux-fur-lined holder plus one magnetized base equals a lifetime of your not losing your mind looking for your glasses. No wonder nearly 14,000 shoppers rave about it. 

$9 at Amazon

The holder looks kind of like a flower vase for your glasses and keeps them safe, comfy and upright. The base resembles a coaster, but it's magnetized and connects to the holder so that it doesn't fall over. I, for one, am in desperate need of this — I leave my glasses at the base of my lamp and inevitably knock them off my bedside table and root around for them in the dark. For thousands of similarly frustrated four-eyes, this thing's a game changer.

"I like to keep my glasses on my nightstand at night, in case I need to quickly grab them," shared a rave reviewer. "I used to knock them on the floor every morning when I woke up and was fumbling for them while half asleep. Every. Single. Morning. You know how hard it is to find glasses on the floor without stepping on them when you need glasses to see? This was perfect. I just need to 'feel for the fur' in the morning to easily find my glasses in the dark."

eyeglass holders
Though we're bemused by the Van Gogh-inspired design (the artist cut off one of his ears — not very eyeglass-friendly), this option sure is pretty, as are the other 20-plus choices. (Amazon)

The faux fur makes it extra fun, but it's also functional for those who want scratch-free lenses.

"I have a bad habit of tossing my glasses onto my bedside table when I am ready to sleep," wrote another happy shopper. "Because of this, I have scratched my lens. This glasses keeper is super soft inside and sturdy outside. I now 'tuck in' my glasses at bedtime."

"I love this thing," raved a five-star fan. "No more searching for my glasses in the morning and having to immediately clean them so I can see; there they are — right where they're supposed to be on my nightstand — and clean from being protected in soft fabric all night. ... I like the advantages of having a 'parking garage' for my glasses."

glasses holder
We're all about accessorizing our accessories with this glasses holder. (Amazon)

For those of us who require several different types of eyewear, the Fintie Plush Lined Eyeglasses Holder keeps the chaos to a minimum.

"If I’m wearing contacts, I need reading glasses," wrote another rave reviewer. "If I don’t have contacts in, then I have my regular glasses that I need to take off. I found myself searching for my glasses, knocking things over. This made my life simpler."

Another satisfied customer wrote: "This is perfect for my desk. I wear two different glasses. Instead of going back and forth with glass cases, this is so much easier to just grab and go."

Choose from 20-plus different colors and patterns — there's an option for every pair of glasses you own, not to mention a year's worth of birthday gifts and stocking stuffers.

$9 at Amazon

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