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Older car? This clever backup camera 'makes life so much easier' — grab it for $31 (that's 40% off)

Most modern cars come with backup cameras, but if you drive an older vehicle, you're missing out on what should be an essential function. The ability to see behind you makes it so much easier to back into parking spots or maneuver in tight spaces without discovering nearby objects with your fender. The Rohent Backup Camera is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use aftermarket option that's only $31 with Amazon Prime and the on-page coupon, and it's something you should think about adding to your car.

This plug-and-play camera connects to your vehicle's AC port or cigarette lighter and gives crisp, 1080p video when you're backing up. 

Save $19 with coupon and Prime
$31 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

With the Amazon Prime deal and the on-page coupon, this is nearly 40% off — and it's a lot cheaper than buying a new car that has this feature.

Why do I need this?

Anyone who has ever accidentally backed into a curb — or worse, another vehicle — knows the pain of the blind backup. A backup camera can help make sure you get as tight a parking job as possible without accidentally scraping something. It's easy to install, too, with no need to hook anything up to the battery. It plugs straight into your cigarette lighter, and you can run the cable back underneath the floor mats.

The display has 1080p resolution and adjustable parking lines that you can set according to the width of your vehicle. At 4.3 inches, it's big enough that you can clearly see what you're doing, but not so large that it will distract you while on the road. You can also choose whether to mount it on the dash or the windshield.

The camera is rated IP69, which means it can withstand most weather conditions short of total immersion. If something does go wrong, Rohent offers lifetime tech support and a three-year warranty.

backup camera
The Rohent Backup Camera is an easy way to add another layer of safety to your vehicle. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

"Inexpensive, with a good quality screen," one reviewer said. "Extremely happy with my purchase of the Rohent Backup camera. At first when I opened the box I was concerned that the screen might be too small. But after setting the system up and testing it, I realized it is the perfect size for an add-on backup camera. The small screen provides a very clear image out the back of the car, yet is easy to place on the dash without obstructing the view out the front windshield."

"We now have better safety in our 2005 Honda CRV with this new backup camera. Installation was not an issue with a YouTube video, and the image is excellent. It fits perfectly and out of the way with the small storage pocket below the radio and HVAC controls," shared another customer.

This shopper is thrilled: "Have an older truck so I thought I’d give it a try and I’m very pleased; can see everything. Best thing is backing up to your trailer — makes life so much easier..."

It works for pickups, too. "I put this unit on an 01 Chevy S-10. There were no big problems, just required a little thought for best routing and hook-up. If you want to install this camera on a pick-up, first check to make sure tailgate will clear the camera mounted atop the license plate. On my S-10 the lowered tailgate would crush the mounted camera, so I chose to notch the plate just enough to drop the camera below the plane of the lowered gate. Wire routing was through the frame rail with other factory wiring."

You don't need to fork out thousands for a new car, especially not when a $31 purchase gives you modern-day features without modern-day pricing. 

Save $19 with coupon and Prime
$31 at Amazon

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