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This retinol eye stick 'hydrates, firms & brightens' under eyes — and it's on sale for $20

Amazon shoppers say it's "so easy to put on" and "works great."

the amazon retinol stick
This bestselling retinol stick will target signs of anti-aging & it's on sale for $20. (Photo via Amazon)

Effective skincare doesn't always mean expensive — there are lots of good-quality products out there that are also affordable. Amazon Canada has lots of beauty deals and steals — like the budget-friendly Retinol Eye Stick. It's an anti-aging wonder with more than 6,000 5-star reviews, and it's currently 20 per cent off for just $20. With consistent use, shoppers say it'll help smooth, brighten and hydrate your under-eye area. To dive deeper into the details of this bestselling beauty product, keep on scrolling.

This Retinol Eye Stick will give you a well-rested appearance by targeting signs of aging.

$20 at Amazon

Why you need it

This multi-treatment balm will help target unwanted dark, tired and puffy-looking eyes by brightening the area. It'll also hydrate and firm your under eyes to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Its convenient stick form makes applying the product easy without getting your fingers all messy. It'll glide on smoothly, so you can gently apply it to the delicate area in a circular motion.

This Retinol Eye Stick will give you a well-rested appearance by targeting signs of aging.

$20 at Amazon

It's also made of clean, vegan and fragrance-free ingredients, which is important when putting something near your eyes. The recommended use is once every two to three days to get your skin used to it. After two to four weeks, you can start to apply it once a day (at night!).

After consistent use, you can expect a smooth under-eye area with a lighter, brighter and firmer appearance. If you're wondering if it really works, keep reading to see what Amazon shoppers are saying.

What people are saying

⭐️ 4.4/5 stars

💬 9,000+

🏆 "It smooths out my eyes and brightens them up."

Amazon customers seriously "love" this "effective" product and have a lot to say about it. One person said it's "super moisturizing and not greasy," adding that the stick "makes application so easy."

"I noticed that [the] fine lines under my eye[s] are fading," said one shopper. They added that it "also helped with my dark circles and puffiness."

Another reviewer shared that they love "that it is a super easy application" and that it "feels great without being greasy or thick."

This Retinol Eye Stick will give you a well-rested appearance by targeting signs of aging.

$20 at Amazon

"In the mornings[,] my eyes look hydrated and less puffy," said another customer. They said they've bought many "products but never have seen such a difference[,] and it's only been over a week."

One Amazon shopper said it "feels nice" and that they "wake up with fresher eyes."

While customers love this product, some say it's "better to apply with a finger as it does seem to tug at the under eye area," which is something to consider before using.

The final verdict

If you want a compact, easy-to-use retinol product, this stick is definitely worth it at just $20. You can also use it elsewhere, like on your smile lines.

It'll help reduce fine lines and any unwanted signs of aging. And while there is no miracle product, this one comes close, according to Amazon shoppers.

Keep in mind that it may tug at your skin if you don't apply it properly, so be sure to gently glide it onto the delicate area and avoid any harsh motions.

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