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This viral massage gun is a 'must-have' for sore muscles — and it's 50% off on Amazon

More than 13,500 shoppers have given the Wattne massage gun a five-star review.

Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld Electric Body Massagers Sports Drill for Athletes Pain Relief&Relax, Super Quiet Motor Cordless,20 Speed Level, Wattne W2 (Grey)
This bestselling massage gun 'works like a charm' — and it's 50% off on Amazon (Getty).

Whether your fitness CV reads distance runner, hiker or weightlifter, working up a sweat, no matter how you do it, can lead to post-workout aches and pains. For some, the remedy to muscle soreness and stiffness is a long, hot bath. For others, it's a trip to their massage therapist. However, if you're short on time, bath water or massage benefits, a percussion massage gun can provide relief in a jiffy. Deep tissue muscle massage guns, like the Wattne Deep Tissue Percussion Massager, are a fast and effective means of relieving muscle soreness and speeding up recovery. Amazon Canada shoppers call the Wattne massage gun an "absolute lifesaver" for muscle discomfort, and right now, it's 50 per cent off.

This deep-tissue percussion massage gun helps relieve soreness and stiffness after high-intensity exercise.

$70 at Amazon

What does it do?

Whether you're warming up or recovering from a high-intensity workout, this deep-tissue massage gun can help avoid and alleviate muscle soreness. It'll be your go-to solution for relieving any muscle stiffness.

Its cordless design and ultra-quiet operation make it convenient for use anytime, anywhere, without disturbing the peace.

This massage gun has a rechargeable battery that lasts for three to eight hours on a full charge. With 20 speeds, six attachments and two modes, it'll cater to your specific needs, providing massages for joint pain, myofascial release and overall muscle relief.

It's lightweight and features an anti-drop handle, making it easy to handle and carry. It also comes with a sturdy portable case so that you can enjoy it at home, the gym, the office or wherever else you want to take it.

Why use a massage gun?

There's no doubt that a massage just feels good on sore muscles, but studies have shown that using tools like this affordable massage gun can be beneficial. Vibration therapy has been shown to help alleviate post-workout soreness, which helps you get back to exercising faster. Studies have also shown that pre-workout massages can even result in decreased muscle soreness after an intense sweat session.

In spite of these potential health benefits, using a massage gun carries some risks, especially if it is used incorrectly. Excessive use may lead to ruptured blood vessels, nerve sensitivity, ligament strain, or muscle fibre damage.

If you're curious about incorporating one into your fitness routine, be sure to speak with a doctor or healthcare professional ahead of time.

Reviews & ratings

⭐️ 4.5/5 stars

💬 17,000+ reviews

🏆 "Works like a charm"

A fan-favourite on Amazon, the Wattne massage gun has collected over 17,000 reviews, the vast majority of which are five-star.

One customer said it "works like a charm" and that after "a few minutes on each leg," the "pain and stress are gone."

Another reviewer "really likes" the "several interchangeable attachments" and variety of "intensity settings." They added that "it's a big unit to hold" but said it's "not heavy, though."

Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld Electric Body Massagers Sports Drill for Athletes Pain Relief&Relax, Super Quiet Motor Cordless,20 Speed Level, Wattne W2 (Grey)
Score a Wattne massage gun for less (Amazon)

"This is an absolute lifesaver!" said another shopper, adding that "it's surprisingly quiet and has a long-lasting battery."

A fourth shopper described it as "perfect." "[I] noticed relief immediately after use," they wrote. It's a "must-have."

However, some say it's "a bit bulky" and "awkward to hold in place." Another noted that "the build quality feels plastic and cheap."

One con to be mindful of is that "the touch screen seems super sensitive," making it "ridiculously easy to accidentally turn it on or off."

Is it worth it?

On sale for 50 per cent off, the Wattne Muscle Massage Gun is a reviewer-loved, affordable option if you're looking to relieve muscle pain without dropping a ton of money on massages. Shoppers have praised its effective performance, which helps relieve tired and sore muscles. However, they do say it's a bit bulky, which is something to keep in mind if you prefer something smaller.

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