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This viral touchscreen toaster is straight out of 'The Jetsons' — and it's a hot $50 for Memorial Day

'It's like an Apple iPad': Grab this sleek, sophisticated kitchen helper before the deal is, well ... you know.

Would you rather eat bread or save bread? It's a trick question, because with this Memorial Day deal on the viral Whall Touchscreen Toaster, you can do both. This compact appliance has impressed TikTokers and Amazon shoppers alike thanks to its sleek appearance, fun display and functionality — oh, and the fact that it looks like something out of a futuristic smart home, but without the sky-high price tag. It's 45% off during the Amazon Memorial Day Sale, so grab this little slice of kitchen heaven before the discount pops away.

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"You're my wonder Whall" is what you'll be singing to this nifty gadget once you've experienced its coolness for yourself. 

Save $41 with coupon
$50 at Amazon

While this isn't the type of high-tech smart toaster that includes extras like a panini press (like this $410 model), its touchscreen certainly elevates it compared with your standard bread-browning appliance. It also looks more expensive than its price tag would suggest, and at $50 (down from $91), this is the lowest we've seen it.

Most household toasters do a decent job of taking bread from soft to crispy — you know, the bare minimum. But what makes the Whall Touchscreen Toaster deserving of a spot on your counter is its foolproof functionality, visual settings and all-around good looks. If it's gonna be on display, it should be aesthetically pleasing!

With six types of bread (which are charmingly depicted on the screen) to choose from, along with six pictured shade preferences, opting for your desired combo is a piece of cake (well, toast). "It's like an Apple iPad," wrote one reviewer. "Really sophisticated toaster." From bagels and English muffins to waffles and pastries, the world is your bakery.

Its extra-wide slots can accommodate thick breads like Texas toast, and once you make your selections, a countdown will appear on the screen (you'll also hear a beep once it's ready, but you can mute it if you'd like). There's also a defrost function, a 30-second reheat option and a cancel button that'll stop the cooking.

the silver Whall touchscreen toaster on a kitchen counter
You've heard of the The Brave Little Toaster, right? Well, meet your Fave Little Toaster. (Amazon)

Over 3,100 Amazon customers are toasting the Whall with perfect five-star ratings.

"Toasters aren't often as good as they used to be," lamented one satisfied shopper. "I tried and returned two before I purchased my Whall. It toasts evenly, has multiple settings (including defrost) and looks good on the counter. The pop-up button is a nice feature too. It lets you check [the] progress on items you haven't toasted before. You won't be disappointed."

"This unit works beautifully," raved another. "I love the wide slots for bagels and the special bagel button, which toasts the cut/open side and doesn’t burn the crusty side. Multiple toasting levels make it easy to go from Pop-Tarts to toasted bread. The best toaster I've had in years."

"I am so pleased with the performance of this toaster!" exclaimed a third. "Once I remembered to put my English muffins in correctly, they toasted up with a beautiful crisp! The toast color option is easy to use for multiple users. We all know how many 'clicks' over that we individually prefer! I would buy again!"

Beware of flying bread! "The only issue I have is that sometimes it pops the toast up so high it goes out of the toaster, but that's rare," shared an otherwise happy buyer. "Very simple and easy to use, which is exactly what I was looking for. Looks sleek and [it's] small enough to fit in a small space."

"The only thing I would say can be a negative is the toaster is so lightweight that when you press the lever, the toaster can tip toward you," shared a final fan. "I just place my hand on top and then push [the] lever to lower [the] toast down."

We wouldn't want you to Whall-ow in your sorrows for missing out on this Memorial Day deal. 

Save $41 with coupon
$50 at Amazon

Keep your precious fingies safe with this handy add-on.

These reusable grabbers allow you to pluck slices of hot toast from the toaster while sparing your hands from painful burns. They have extra grip on the ends to help keep the bread from crashing to the floor for the dog to enjoy. 

"I absolutely could not live without these little wooden tongs," shared a shopper. "I use them for toast and frying tortillas; they are perfect for so many things in the kitchen."

$6 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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