"This is the only skincare gadget I've used that's actually made a difference to my skin"

Trying to cut through the noise surrounding beauty tech is a tough one. Back in the day, a jade roller was the most high-tech skincare tool you could have in your arsenal, but now we’ve got devices with blue light, ultrasonic, laser and LED to pick from. It’s confusing, and with their high prices, you don’t have the luxury of trying them in the hopes that they work.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience them all – thanks to my job – and can confidently say, they’re all a bit…meh. I might be into them for about a week, but they soon get pushed to the back of my bathroom cabinet, like an abandoned doll in Toy Story (but not as heartbreaking – let’s make that clear).

Any skin expert will tell you the products that you actually use are the good ones. Skincare doesn’t work without consistency and that includes gadgets, too. I came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t up for the kind of commitment these skin tools required, that was until I tried the LUNA 3 cleansing device from Foreo. I had found my gadget version of Woody and Buzz Lightyear put together and abandoning him was out of the question.

As someone with rosacea, I’ve always had a strict rule that nothing with bristles comes anywhere near my face. If I so much as saw a Clarisonic, I swear it set off a fire in my cheeks. But when I got handed Foreo’s LUNA 3 in its version specifically designed for sensitive skin, I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment and couldn’t help but wonder, “how are these silicone bristles that soft?”.

I wouldn’t say their softness rivals my cat’s fluffiness, but for something designed to banish sweat and grime, it was quite impressive. Especially when you factor in that silicone is super hygienic and a doddle to clean.

I’d always been a muslin cloth gal (if that’s a thing). I liked that they can be chucked in with your wash, they’re cheap and they provide a gentle exfoliation. On a whim, I decided to ditch the cloths and test out this spenny Foreo device with the aim of proving that it wasn’t worth the hefty price tag. But the thing was, I couldn’t.

Not only did I find zero trace of any foundation left on my skin, but my face seemed to glow afterwards, thanks to the gentle massage it provided. My face felt squeaky clean, without experiencing any dryness. I was annoyed it worked so well, as I was really looking to prove the cheaper option is always best.

I also kept remembering to use it. Can you imagine? Actively seeking out a skincare device, instead of it ending up at the back of your bathroom shelf collecting dust? It was unheard of. Even in a post-pub state, my inebriated brain was remembering that I needed to pick up the device and actually wash off my makeup. This had never happened to me before.

foreo luna cleansing device review
My skin looking squeaky clean after cleansing Hearst Owned

Not only did I notice fewer breakouts, but any texture issues I had seemed to be flattened. I’ve always had rougher skin around my jawline, a ‘beard of texture’ if you will, but after just a week I noticed this was completely softened. No retinol or chemical exfoliator had managed to do that.

Although it recommends using the device with a foaming cleanser, they don’t go down well with my skin. I’ve tried gel and cream textures and found they work just as well, so don’t go buying another cleanser if you don’t have to.

One of the biggest bugbears I’ve seen with them online is the fact you must connect the device via Bluetooth to the Foreo app to set them up. I personally didn’t struggle with this, but I can imagine for the technophobes out there that this isn’t ideal. The good news is that once it’s done, it’s done, and you can use it freely without having to open the app. If you do want to use the tech though, you can sync up the device and select different cleansing and massage routines to play around with.

As I’ve mentioned this device is not cheap, but it does come with some fancy features to help justify that price. Along with its pillow-soft bristles, it also has 16 intensities to pick from and can be used as a massage tool to help promote lymphatic drainage (key at preventing toxin build-up). While it can be used both morning and night, I tend to use it with my second cleanse to help make sure I’ve banished any trace of makeup. Plus, I’ve been using it since September and haven’t had to charge it once.

Although it’s still not what I’d call cheap, if you’re just after an effective cleanse, I would suggest going for the more affordable LUNA mini 3 option. It doesn’t have all the fancy massage settings and bells and whistles, but it does the same great job of cleansing away dirt. Plus, it’s smaller, which makes it a great travel buddy. For the sensitive skin gals, the bristles on this one aren't quite as soft as the LUNA 3 option, but if you don’t mind a bit more friction, I’d say this provides the same effective clean.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t vital to add into your skincare routine – it’s not like we’re talking about SPF here. But when I have accidentally forgotten to add it to my washbag, washing my face kind of feels as if I were to brush my teeth without toothpaste – not very fresh. All I can say is that if you have the coins to spend, this is a great investment. I miss it if I forget to pack it, and I'm somebody who can happily go weeks without seeing my lifelong best friends – that says something.

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