Three-legged dog walks on hind legs with ease: 'He wanted to move so bad he just stood up'

A three-legged dog that has mastered the art of walking on his hind legs is capturing hearts on social media.

Dexter, a “tri-pawed” Brittany spaniel who lives in Ouray, Colo., with his loving owner Kentee Pasek, tragically lost one of his legs after he was struck by a car in 2016 and had to undergo several life-saving procedures, including the amputation of his front right leg.

“Dexter was in an accident … hit by a truck, taken to the vet ER,” Pasek told In The Know. “We had to make super-fast decisions about his care. He made it through the night, which was touch-and-go, and then had surgery.”

“He was such a lucky dog,” she continued. “His one (front) leg that was left had more damage than originally thought and took about a year and 5 surgeries to fix.”

Not one to be kept down, Dexter quickly learned to walk unassisted using only his hind legs.

“During that time, Dexter got impatient with (his injury) and just started standing to move around,” Pasek recalled. “He basically wanted to move so bad he just stood up and walked. He was almost a year old when all of this happened. He was happy throughout the entire tragedy and just kept a happy positive attitude!”

“He now walks upright when he wants to go fast,” she added. “We have a great vet who did all the surgery keeping an eye on him. His front leg is pinned at the elbow so there is no motion so he has a small hop when he is on three legs.”

Although Pasek has been chronicling Dexter’s walks on both Instagram and TikTok for years, the dog fully became a social media sensation on June 10, when Arizona resident Mallory Gilbert spotted the unusual dog and shared a covert video of him on her own TikTok account, which has since been viewed over 15.9 million times.

Pasek eventually spotted the now-viral video of her beloved pet and reached out to Gilbert to plan a meetup.

Just one week later, the pair actually got to go for a walk together along the very same Ouray streets where Gilbert first recorded Dexter.

The duo even landed themselves an appearance on the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

It’s obvious that Dexter doesn’t plan to let anything get in his way.

To keep up with his adventures, follow him on TikTok.

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