Tiffany Ima pens 'powerful' post on finding body confidence: 'All on our own journey'

Tiffany Ima is opening up about body confidence.

On Monday, the body positive influencer took to Instagram to share a photo of herself in a pair of pale green patterned leggings with a matching sports bra, along with on-screen text to remind her more than 110,000 followers that their "body confidence journey does not need to be Insta-worthy."

She paired the post with a powerful caption, explaining that even if someone seems confident online, "we all be out here struggling."

"I don't care how confident someone looks online — we all have our days. You don't need your body confidence journey to look like a perfect Instagram photo. You don't need a journey that has no bad days," Ima penned. "You don't need to wear a crop top, or dance in lingerie to have body confidence. Take what you need from what you see on this app. Take what you need and make your journey your own."

Ima's inspirational message quickly garnered praise from fans, with many appreciating her wisdom.

"This is such an important reminder. The journey to body confidence isn't always pretty or Instagram-worthy — that wouldn't be realistic. We're all only human. We have bad days so we can really appreciate the good ones! Thank you for sharing," one Instagram user commented.

Another added, "Body image healing is messy sometimes and that's OK and normal."

"This! Wow! So true and so powerful! All on our own journey!" someone else chimed in.

"Truth and facts! Everybody has their own journey, and my journey may be different from everybody else's, but it's still mine!" a fan shared.

"Absolutely! I feel this," one person wrote.

Last month, Ima shared a clip featuring a body positive note for her Instagram followers about the importance of self-love.

In the video, set to Megan Thee Stallion's song "Her," Ima posed and spun in a circle while wearing a baby pink mini dress and matching open-toe heels, while her hair was styled in space buns.

"Instead of forcing yourself to love your body, work on treating it with kindness and respect," the video's on-screen text reads.

"I tried over and over to convince myself I was in love with my body. I would shout affirmations at myself: 'You are beautiful! I am in love [with] my body!' But it didn't work out because I had a long way to go before I believed those words," she continued in the caption. "Instead, I needed to remove that belief that beauty and worth were one in the same. I needed to learn to respect my body and believe I was worthy regardless of what I looked like."

Ima revealed that when she started to genuinely respect herself, she realized her beauty.

"I could embrace my features because I rejected the Eurocentric standards. I began to trust that there wasn't a person in this world that could take away my worth," she recalled. "And for me, the respect eventually led to loving every part of me. I didn't need to force it."

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