I finally tried the viral TikTok baked oats — here's what I thought

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Chocolate chip baked oats [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Chocolate chip baked oats [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]

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Social media has always been powerful, but TikTok seems to have taken it to another level. The popular platform’s influence is like no other, especially when it comes to viral trends.

This is true across all categories, whether it be a dance, makeup and skincare or in this case – food.

The app has been behind many recent food trends including the baked feta pasta, nature's cereal, pickled garlic and many more — including one of the latest: baked oats.

Baked oats first started appearing on the platform months ago and recently made a comeback, but this time with one key difference. This time the process involves blending all the ingredients to form a cake-like batter versus the first time around when the recipe just called for the ingredients to be mixed together.

The details

Baked oats are a warm, baked, muffin-resembling breakfast option consisting of oats and a handful of other ingredients that are blended together and baked.

Baked Oats ingredients in blender [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Baked Oats ingredients in blender [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]

This breakfast option has been deemed too good to be because it takes a boring everyday breakfast option and turns it into something much more exciting. This is in part due to the claims that it has endless flavour options and ability to make it your own, it tastes like cake or muffins and is considered "healthy"- the jury is still out on that one.

The main ingredients for most of the popular baked oats recipes includes oats, milk, egg, banana, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract and baking powder with additional ingredients added based on the chosen flavor.

Some popular options include chocolate chip peanut butter, blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll and the classic chocolate chip baked oats, which is the one I opted to give a try.

Baked Oats batter in ramekins [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Baked Oats batter in ramekins [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]

First impressions

Once I blended all the ingredients together, it truly did resemble a cake like batter, which had me excited, but not for long.

After impatiently waiting for the oven timer to buzz, I quickly dug into the ramekin and right away was not impressed. For someone who is not a fan of oatmeal or oats, I was already skeptical to believe that it would taste like a cake or muffin, but reading comment after comment claiming they would, my expectations were high.

The texture was cake like, but there was a huge banana oats flavour present, similar to banana pancakes or a banana muffin, but it was lacking any real flavour. Perhaps the other variations have more of an intense flavour, but this variation was not it – for me at least.

The verdict

It is safe to say I was let down big time. While, it did have a unique taste that was different than typical oatmeal, it is definitely not enough to convert this oatmeal hater.

My husband on the other hand did not mind it as much as I did, but he also does not mind oatmeal as much as I do either, so this was expected. That being said, when asked if he would have it again, it was a solid no from us both.

The idea of it was nice as the recipe is easy and simple, it can be made ahead of time so it can be a quick breakfast option, but unfortunately the taste was not there. I would say this will vary person to person, but can be determined by a persons thoughts on oatmeal – if you do not mind oatmeal, this may be worth a shot, but if you are anything like me and despise oatmeal then I would say stick to your usual for now.

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