TikTok made me buy this bestselling $19 car tray from Amazon — and I'm obsessed

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I'm obsessed with this $19 car tray from Amazon Canada.
I'm obsessed with this $19 car tray from Amazon Canada.

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There's a saying that goes "you don't know what you have until it's gone" — and it perfectly describes the feeling of not being able to eat out and dine in whenever we'd like due to the ongoing pandemic.

I don't think I ever realized just how much a part of our lives involved going out to eat prior to being restricted from freely doing so this past year. It wasn't just about the food, but the experience. Plus, it was nice to eat as soon as the food was prepared — and not have to wait to get home.

That's why when I saw a video about this bestselling car tray pop up on TikTok, I knew I had to order it instantly.

Cutequeen Black Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk

Cutequeen Black Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk
Cutequeen Black Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk

SHOP IT: Amazon, $19

What is it?

The Cutequeen Black Car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk is designed to be used as either a laptop tray or food tray. The tray easily hooks onto your steering wheel and allows the driver to work or eat with ease.

It features a cup holder on one side and is flat on the other making it versatile depending on your intended usage.

What shoppers are saying

The tray has more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating — and users seem to love it as much as I do.

"Loved it. I drive for work. I can eat lunch in my car and not worry about spilling etc., and I can use my lap top on it if I have time in between visits. Great purchase," said one reviewer.

"You will enjoy your fast food to the maximum just moments after it arrives through the window - you will not regret it. I can't imagine any normal car has a steering wheel this wouldn't work on. Fit on our SUV perfectly. Worth every penny," said another reviewer.

One reviewer shared my exact sentiments with his review and even shared a picture of it in action.

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"This is the perfect tray for supporting your meal without making a mess. I have purchased this around Nov 2020, and have been using it whenever I can. Nowadays pandemic hits, it tough to dine in. The only way to enjoy food is to eat inside your vehicle. I have a Subaru Legacy and it fits perfectly. I have recently swapped my Legacy for Subaru WRX. Even though the steering wheel is beefier than my old Legacy but it still fits. Of course I have to carefully install it onto the steering wheel. Other than that I have no complaints. The tray solves my issue and avoid being so messy when eating inside your vehicle," the shopper wrote. "I simply LOVE it."

Car tray with food on it [Photo via Amazon]
Car tray with food on it [Photo via Amazon]

The are however, a couple of concerns about the tray from both Amazon shoppers and TikTok users. One concern was how one can drive with it, which has already been addressed by the seller on their page where they state that the tray should never be used while driving and further clarified by the TikTok user who shared the tray.

The other concern is that despite saying it fits all steering wheels, some say it did not fit theirs. So, I would advise using the measurements provided before making the purchase.

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First impressions

As soon as I received this, I dragged my husband out to McDonalds to put it to the test since he is usually the one driving and most inconvenienced by eating in the car. We loved it! I even made my own TikTok video over the excitement.

It was extremely easy to put on, held the food up great, sturdy, helped avoid any spills or messes in the car and the best part of all we got to eat the food right away and had a nice little car date!

The verdict

I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, especially right now. It is so nice to be able to order food and eat it right away even if it is in the car instead of having to drive home and eat it cold.

It is also great for longer drives or road trips when one does not have time to get out and dine in.

We have now used this more times than I can count and my husband actually suggests going out to get food and eat it there now since this has made it 100 per cent easier.

I cannot say enough good things about this tray, it has made not being able to currently eat out much more tolerable.

Even once we are able to, I am sure this tray will still be handy!

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