TikTok’s Frozen Cucumber Hack Is What Your Skin Needs

·1 min read

Cucumbers have been making their rounds on beauty TikTok recently, but instead of being used as eye slices, they've taken over as de-puffing or face-sculpting methods.

Amassing over 1.7 million views, #Cumcumberhack is a viral trend where users are massaging a frozen cucumber around their face for different effects. TikTok user Laci said in a clip, "This has been amazing for my sinuses." Others trying out the hack are using the fruity tool as a gua sha alternative or a facial roller around their faces.

There are plenty of benefits to using a frozen cucumber on your skin. The fruit is packed with vitamins and nutrients known to hydrate, aid acne-prone skin and soothe any irritation or inflammation. This low-cost and easy trend is effective and will work, especially for those with sensitive skin wanting to lay off active ingredients.

To see more of this facial technique, catch a few of the #Cucumberhack clips below.

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