TikTok users can now tag movies and TV shows, so you can quit asking 'what is this from'

Each tag links to a page with related videos and details about the title provided by IMDb.

Eric Zachanowich/Searchlight Pictures

TikTok users in the US and the UK can now tag movies and TV shows in their videos. Each tag (up to five can be included per video) will point to an in-app page that includes details from the film or series, as well as some related videos.

This is all powered by a new partnership with IMDb, which is providing info including cast members, directors, genres, release dates, runtimes and user ratings for each movie and show. TikTok users can add films and TV series to the favorites tab of their profile too.

You can tag a show or movie when you tap the "add link" option right before you post a video. If you select "movie and TV," you'll be able to search the more than 12 million titles that are on IMDb and add the one you're looking for.

This should come in useful for users who share a lot of movie and TV-related posts, as well as those looking for content about their favorite titles. So, if you share a clip from The Menu, a meme from The White Lotus or a Glass Onion explainer, you may not need to reply to people who drop a "what is this from 💀" in the comments. They can just tap the tag for more details (and then maybe watch The Menu, because it's a blast).