I tried TikTok's viral Nature's Cereal — here's all the details

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Bowl of Nature's Cereal [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Bowl of Nature's Cereal [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]

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I never thought that I would ever be this excited to eat a bowl of fruit. Don't get me wrong — I don't mind fruit, but I'm not exactly a huge fan either.

So, when I saw the latest food trend on TikTok, I was hesitant to try it at first, but after seeing video after video of users raving about this trend, the FOMO got to me, and I gave in.

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Nature's Cereal went viral after Lizzo shared a video of her trying — and loving — it, which now has 7.4M views.

Since Lizzo's video, numerous people have tried the cereal and shared their own first impressions, which seems to be the same all around - that it is indeed bussin'.

The details

Referred to as cereal because of its similarities to a bowl of cereal, Nature's Cereal is a bowl of fruit with a few ice cubes topped with coconut water.

Any type of berries can be used, however the ingredients for the viral bowl include strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate, ice cubes and coconut water.

Natures Cereal Ingredients [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Natures Cereal Ingredients [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]

There is no right or wrong way of preparing this. Just add your fruit to a bowl, add in some ice cubes (optional, but refreshing!), and top it with as much coconut water as you like.

Coconut water being poured into Natures Cereal [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]
Coconut water being poured into Natures Cereal [Photo via Sidra Sheikh]

First impressions

People say that Nature's Cereal has a creamy texture and delicious taste, but I've never had coconut water before, so I had no idea how it would stand up.

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As soon as I took my first bite, I was not a fan. I truly did not understand the hype at all, the best way I can describe it is it just tasted bland. The coconut water took away the natural flavours of the fruit and coated it with its flavour, which in my opinion was not a good taste.

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The verdict

After taking a few more bites, my opinion didn't change much from my first impressions. I will agree that it does have a creamy like taste, but the delicious aspect was definitely missing.

I ended up draining the coconut water out and just having the fruit, which I struggled with because it still had remains of the coconut water flavour.

What I realized during this taste test was that my main reason for not enjoying this was because it seems I am not a fan of coconut water. So, my advice would be if you are someone who enjoys the ingredients that go into Nature's Cereal, give it a try, but if not maybe skip it for now.

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