TikTok says to use this shower curtain hack to hang Christmas decorations, but does it actually work?

With the holiday season upon us, many people are decorating their spaces with garland, trees and much more. One TikToker, known online as Crack the Shutters (@cracktheshutters), shared a design hack that other users love so much they’d keep the decorations up all year.

On Nov. 21, Crack the Shutters posted a video showing her using a tension rod to hang up garland in a doorframe that is over eight feet wide.

Her first step was to tighten the rod in place at around shoulder height, then line the rod with “foliage” and other greenery. After that, she raised the rod up to the top of the gap and added lights, ornaments and the rest of her decorations.

“Ohhh I would be leaving that up year round, it turned out so pretty,” commented @odyssey.stardust.

“I love how you say ’attempting’ like you haven’t absolutely nailed it,” replied @tryingtoenjoylifeasitis.

This isn’t the first time TikTokers are making use of shower curtain or tension rods. In August, a stylist named Daniela (@n.daniverse) went viral after using a shower curtain rod and hooks to hang and organize the purses in her closet.

“This has to be the best organizing solution for purses. I feel like mf Einstein,” she wrote in her caption.

One concern that some users had about using this hack is the potential for leaving behind scuff marks on the wall.

“Just a warning as someone who has used a tension rod for a long time now, they may leave marks on the wall and may fall down occasionally,” replied @lizzielinn.

Yet, just as TikTokers have hacks to hang up holiday decorations, some also have their own ways of cleaning marks off walls.

On July 28, Aubrey Skyee (@aubskyee) shared a post showing how she was able to get her walls looking brand-new.

According to her video, all that’s needed is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and some hard scrubbing.

“Im never letting them take my money again,” Skyee wrote in her caption.

Crack the Shutters doesn’t anticipate seeing the rod slide down and scuff her wall, but there are hacks she can use to get them looking good again if necessary.

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