TikToker behind viral ‘Looking for a Man in Finance’ anthem adds surprise new lyrics

TikToker behind viral ‘Looking for a Man in Finance’ anthem adds surprise new lyrics

The TikToker behind the viral sensation “Looking for a Man in Finance” appears to have added new lyrics to her popular refrain.

Megan Boni, 26, was working a day job in sales when her catchy song about the search for a tall and wealthy man with blue eyes went viral – sparking countless remixes across the globe. Now, the singer known as @girl_on_couch, says she has quit her job, has calls with huge companies and is in the process of looking for an agent, according to People.

The song repeats: “I’m looking for a man in finance / Trust fund, 6ft 5, blue eyes”.

Since Boni first shared the catchy tune three weeks ago, the TikTok clip has been viewed more than 26 million times, with thousands of likes on social media and heavy rotation in clubland.

And now the singer appears to have added new lyrics to the song, according to videos circulated on social media.

A TikTok shared by DJs @loudluxury shows a video of the tune captioned “no way the man in finance girl added a new verse”. The song then plays with an added line as Boni is heard saying, “Guys, I’m still f***ing looking for my man. Will you help me find my man?”

A representative for Boni confirmed to The Independent that the line had been especially added for Loud Luxury.

“Obsessed with Loud Luxury and the attention they are giving my voice!” Boni told The Independent. “I’ve been in constant communication with them and just feel honored that they continue to play this version at such huge venues. Hopefully, I’ll get to make a little appearance at one of their shows soon!”

Boni has gone viral on social media for her catchy tune (TikTok/ @girl_on_couch)
Boni has gone viral on social media for her catchy tune (TikTok/ @girl_on_couch)

The extended version, “Man In Finance (G6 Trust Fund)”, was released on 17 May and includes the popular lyric along with clips of Boni reporting from a date as she says “Hi, yeah, I just left the date/ And I dunno, am I asking for too much? / And this guy was really cute and he was a musician and he was super passionate about what he did / But I don’t know, all l’m looking for.”

According to People, Boni came up with the idea of the song when thinking about people who complained about being single but had a strict list of tough dealbreakers that were difficult to find.

“It was just making fun of that, so I started thinking of the most outlandish, hardest things to find in a man and wrote it down, then I came up with that rhyme,” she said.

The song has been heavily remixed by musicians, DJs and content creators across social media, which Boni says she appreciates.

“People are asking if I’m annoyed that I’m not getting credit, and I’m like no way, I literally asked for DJs to remix it!”