TikToker captures ‘paranormal activity’ in series of spooky videos

What would you do if you suspected your house was haunted? Most people would probably seek refuge somewhere else ASAP, or even call a home exorcist. (Yes, those really exist.)

Because we live in the age of the internet, though, some people — like a TikTok user named Kaitlyn — will use the paranormal activity to create viral videos in the hopes of blowing up online.

On Oct. 12, Kaitlyn posted the first of a series of videos from back when she was living in a house she suspected to be haunted.


Started recording when I heard something downstairs, I was the only one home. Pt 2 is already up #dayinmylife #haunted #paranormal #ghost #fyp

♬ original sound – Kaitlyn

At the beginning of the video, Kaitlyn is just sitting in bed when she gets up and heads downstairs. As she moves toward the stairs, you can very clearly hear some banging coming from another room. The problem? According to Kaitlyn, she “was the only one home.”

From the first video alone, people were already horrified.

“This is scarier than most horror movies,” one person said.

“Reminds me of the first Paranormal Activity,” another added.

The haunting didn’t stop there, though. In the second video, Kaitlyn retreats to her bedroom and closes the door. However, as she sits in her bed — scared and out of breath from running — you can still hear the banging and possibly even some footsteps. At the end of the video, the door to Kaitlyn’s room seemingly opens on its own and then slams shut.


This was taken 2 years ago, I was alone in the house at the time. I have since moved out. #Boo #paranormal #spooky #haunted #ghostmode #fyp #ghost

♬ original sound – Kaitlyn

The third video, though, is where things start to get really, really scary. In this video, you can clearly see Kaitlyn’s closet door swing open on its own, and then abruptly slam shut. No matter how many times I watch this video, it still makes my heart skip a beat.

And I’m not the only one.

“The only TikTok that has genuinely made my heart race,” one person said. “I had to take a deep breath in & brace myself.”

“My jaw dropped when the door opened,” another added.

“I’ve never been more scared in my life,” a third commented.

The good news is that in her captions, Kaitlyn noted that she has since moved out of this “spooky” house. Hopefully whoever lives there now has taken care of the, er, ghost problem — or at the least, is charging them rent.

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