TikToker exposes the other side of DisneyTok with ‘unbelievably funny’ Disney food fails series

A TikToker is lampooning Disney World’s “food fails” — and the so-called "Disney Adults" who spend big money on them — in a series that’s going viral.

Leo Herrara (@herrerashow) gained over 3.9 million views, 609,000 likes, 29,000 saves and 5,900 comments when he put together a compilation of DisneyTok food fails — that is, expensive novelty foods purchased by Disney fans that didn’t quite live up to the hype.

This isn’t the first time Disney Adults and their eating habits at parks have gone viral on the app. Recently, the “eating with no budget at Disney World” trend received backlash from viewers for flaunting a devil-may-care approach to dining at Disney.

But in Herrara’s viral series, it’s not just Disney fans’ spending habits that are coming under fire, but the meals and snacks being served at Disney parks.

However, more than the food fails themselves, TikTokers can’t get enough of Herrara’s snarky commentary — resulting in a series viewers are calling “unbelievably funny.”

Like the Disney employees who took to TikTok to reveal what it’s really like working at the “happiest place on Earth,” Herrara’s video series aims to pull the mask off the Mouse one fail at a time.

“Don’t ask me why, but I love watching Disney Adults get disappointed by the food at the theme parks,” he says in his first video of the series. “Maybe because it feels like a proper punishment for being a Disney Adult.”

He then goes on to satirize the many food fails uploaded by Disney Adults — such as the $14.49 Daisy’s Dressed Up Dog, the $6.49 Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro and the $11.99 Mac & Cheese in a Bread Bowl.

Nearly 6,000 TikTokers commented on Herrara’s video, many of whom begged him to make more.

“This is unbelievably funny,” wrote @mynameonni.

“😂you cackling at their misery is giving 😂” commented @gilliansyallternative.

“I love Disney, but the food was a nightmare,” wrote @courtneygdale.

“Please make this a series it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen,” commented @sabrina_s1578.

To this, Herrara responded, “Oh it is.”

In addition to novelty foods sold around the parks, Herrara’s series also targets Disney’s restaurants.

In a video captioned “Disney’s Space Cafeteria food fails! Behold the wonders of the Universe & $80 prix fixe,” Herrara came for Disney’s space-themed restaurant, Blast Off.

When a commenter asked why Herrara blurred out the faces of those in the video, he replied, “I’m protecting the innocent AND myself, Disney adults are VICIOUS!”

As a New Orleans native, Herrara couldn’t hold back from coming for the Disney restaurant Blue Bayou.

In addition to the 3 month reservation requirement, perpetual nighttime atmosphere and the weak yet overpriced cocktails, Herrara critiqued what he said was “unseasoned food” — such as the $7 “gray” gumbo.

TikTokers corroborated Herrara’s claims about the restaurant.

“The food is straight up microwaved. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 😂” wrote @alvav019.

“The seating is unbelievable. 3 month reservation to sit in a metal patio chair 😂” commented @vvvalerievvvalerie.

But it’s not just Disney food that Herrara lampoons. It’s also the company’s pricey souvenirs, such as the balloons.

“Disney Scams: $20 Balloons should come with racketeering charges,” the video’s caption reads.

While most comments have expressed how much they love Herrara’s series, others have criticized his perspective on Disney Adults.

“I may be in the minority, but what’s wrong with disney adults? I wouldn’t waste my money on it, but if it makes them happy and doesn’t hurt us,” commented @zombieater4.

“the way I’m a Disney adult bc it’s been a special interest from when I was a kid to now 🙃 like genuinely what’s so bad about it??” wrote @bones.under.your.porch.

However, many self-proclaimed Disney Adults have come to the defense of Herrara and his videos.

“As a Disney adult this is very funny,” commented @disposable_clown.

“I’m a Disney adult & I am still here for each and every one of these videos 🤣” wrote @annee231_.

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