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TikToker debates appropriateness of woman's bathing suit at family water park: 'There's kids all around her'

A woman at a water park caught the eye of a TikToker who voiced her concern that the outfit might not have been appropriate for the family-oriented activity.

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Kim Stram, who filmed and posted the video, asked TikTok: “Is this appropriate for a water park, or NOT?” She also clarified in her caption that she didn’t think it was “appropriate there’s kids all around her” but that the woman “looks great.”

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The woman in question is standing in a pretty packed wave pool in a one-piece bathing suit with a thong back, talking to a man who commenters speculated is either her boyfriend or her husband. Stram’s video has since racked up over 4 million views and thousands of comments — mostly defending the woman’s choice to wear the bathing suit at a water park.

“Lol cmonnn kids just want to swim they don’t care what ur wearing,” one person wrote. “all they care about is being able to stay at the water park and not go home.”

“Yep. She’s old enough and it’s her choice,” another agreed. “Why would kids care? 😒 Let her be her. Just worry about yourself.”

“I work at a water park, this is normal,” someone else added.

While Stram did not specify which park she was at, most general rules regarding water parks do not forbid patrons from wearing certain styles of bathing suits. In fact, the biggest concern is wearing something too big that could come off on a high-impact slide.

While Stram didn’t appear to be body-shaming the woman, TikTokers in the past have used the platform to expose body-shaming instances in public places like beaches and amusement parks as well as even private locations, like when one woman’s neighbor allegedly called the cops over an outfit she was wearing.

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