TikToker shares how to maximize kitchen cabinet space with a few simple hooks

Making the most out of a small kitchen isn’t easy. However, Moriah McAulay (@moriahmcaulay) has an easy solve for maximizing cabinet space that’s both fuss-free and cost-efficient.

Like the paper towel holder hack that went viral over the summer, this simple trick has wowed TikTok for requiring just a few household items and a little patience.

“At this point I’m just coming up with things to make my life easier lol,” McAulay wrote in the caption of her post.

Now that it has over 1.5 million views, it’s clear that McAulay has also made a lot of other people’s lives easier, too.

First, the vlogger uses some tape, a pen and a ruler to mark and measure the inside of a cabinet door.

She makes several small “x’s” where she’ll eventually hang some hooks and wants to ensure they’ll be evenly spaced.

But instead of making her marks directly on the door, she makes them on a strip of tape, which can later be removed. Instead of using a hammer and nail or even a drill to hang the hook, she uses tiny, clear Command hooks. They stick right on and can easily be removed.

Finally, McAuley takes out a set of measuring spoons and hangs them one by one on the hooks. This gives them each an easy-access spot on the door that would otherwise be unused space.

Right away, her ingenuity impressed people.

“The WAY this made my eyebrow ARCH,” wrote @elysiabb7.

“Omg I didn’t realize I could use tape and measuring to give myself a straight line,” added @bckayocah.

Some commenters were eager to try the hack out for a different reason.

“I like this because I don’t like the little clip that keeps them all together,” said @itsmariahchante. “You’re onto something!”

However, there were a few TikTokers who said they’d already tried the hack — and it wasn’t for them.

“Don’t use this with metal measuring spoons,” warned @boosethemoose0. “They make SO much noise it’ll drive you crazy.. learned this the hard way lol.”

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